:: My very own Orange Beetle! ::

:: This is one of Jacob's 1st birthday gifts from my Auntie Terri. Paul got it all hooked up on a tree in our front yard and he loves it! I took these pics from inside the house, he was hanging in his swing while Paul was doing work in the driveway...he was completely content! ::

:: Bye-Bye Uncle & Auntie ::

:: Jordan and Lindsey left for Europe on Monday, so we met them at White Spot for lunch to wish them a fond farewell :: :: We miss you but sure hope you're having fun ::

:: Cultus Lake ::

:: This last weekend we spent all day Saturday & Sunday at Cultus Lake - it was beautiful! And a great way to spend a long weekend if you can't go away! :::: Paul & Jacob enjoying the water :: :: Shawn, Kristin & the kids came up for a few hours and enjoyed messing around in the water and sand - here is Kyle and Braden playing around ::
:: Our friends Grant & Jen also came up for the day on Saturday - here are their kids Lauren & Luke also playing in the sand ::
:: Our little mister enjoying the sand ::

:: Jacob & Daddy walking to the water to play with shovels, such boys! :: :: Madelyne enjoying the sun ::
:: Everyone waiting around for lunch (FYI: Jen is also expecting in October - she's the one sitting across from Paul on the picnic table) ::
:: What would a day out be without a self portrait!?!?! ::
:: Jacob splashing around ::
:: How cute, huh? ::
:: On Sunday Grammie & Grampy also came up to visit us at the lake, it was great to have them there to play! ::

:: Showers of Blessings ::

:: I hosted, along with Lisa's Aunty Cheryl a shower for her last Thursday (hence the fact that I haven't been on here!)...here is a picture of the bride (post treasure hunt @ the mall) ::
:: The room once Lisa arrived :: :: Lisa opening some gifts - me drooling over her stash! ::
:: The table full of treats - Cheryl did all the food, it was AMAZING! :: :: Lisa and one of her flower girls, Sydney :::: The sign I made with the help of Kristin's scrapbooking supplies ::
:: The room from the opposite end - I think we had about 45 people at the shower, it was such a great night full of food & fellowship! ::

:: Misc. ::

:: Here is a picture of Mai and Jacob playing in the back yard while Paul was doing some yard work :: :: A picture of our deck with the new curtains I just put up ::
:: Cool picture of the American flag I took while in the line up to get my groceries down south ::
:: My little man sound asleep on the way down to the States ::

:: Trevor & Christy's Babies ::

:: My brother Trevor and his wife Christy just celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary last month, and so they got themselves some new babies - What fun hey!?!?!? ::

:: Here I am trying on my bro's helmet...pretty hot huh??? ::

:: Here they are ready to head off the the Island...looks like fun to me! ::

:: Off they go ::

:: Congratulations on your Anniversary and your new toys! ::

:: Happy Birthday Auntie Lindsey! ::

:: A couple weeks ago (yes, weeks!) was Lindsey's birthday, we celebrated with lunch at my parents place, we enjoyed burgers and ice cream pie (our favorite). I don't have any pic's of lunch as I was absent due to picking up our student Mai :::: Here is our crazy kid enjoying time at the table :::: My mom's beautiful roses, right from her very own garden ::
:: Trevor and Christy came over from the Island for the celebration - It was so great to see them! ::
:: We played a tantilizing game of scrable - I lost BAD! ::
:: More of Mom's beautiful flowers ::
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