: Christmas Wish :

Oh. My. Goodness. It has been a pathetic Fall for this blog! Oh well, we've been "doing" life and life has been FULL ~ All good, and full.

But things are starting {HA!} to come around and become a little more routine..but more on that later!

For now I've been dreaming of all things Christmas, from singing songs that celebrate the REAL king of kings, to the time with family, the traditions we depend on, to decorating, gift giving, strolling hand in hand with a cinnamon something from Starbucks...it's all such a wonderful time of year! And all in celebration of Jesus' birth!

I've been requested from both of our families to compose a Christmas Wish {dream} list...and even though I like specific things, it's really hard to put together a real list of "oooh I want", "oh, I like", "that would be great to have!" especially when we have SO much

At any rate, it was truly fun to have the time to sit and write a list, so I thought I would share. Here's my gown up Christmas List . .
Christmas Wish

Hope you've taken some time to dwell and enjoy what Christmas really means, and by all means if you've got a Christmas list; share it! It was really fun to do!


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