:: We're ready to go ::

:: Well, I think we are almost ready to head out on the Jet Plane tomorrow morning (bright & early). Thankfully we are headed to warmer weather, a pool & hopefully some really good mexican food :: :: Here's Jacob's suitcase - packed to the brim!!! ::
:: Here is ours - we just have throw in our bathroom stuff and then we will be good to go ::
:: And here is a picture of Jacob "helping" me with dinner the other night - what a goofy kid! ::
:: If you noticed all of our clothes are packed in zip-lock bags - I have been doing this for probably the last 10 years. I always roll my (now our) clothes and put them in zip-lock bags, it is the best way to pack - it's organized and very compact! So all we have to do tonight is finish the last minute things like putting the carry on together with all the baby stuff that is quite the task in itself and then at 7:30 pm I am heading out for a mani/pedi...which is well deserved after all of the packing, cleaning, organizing etc. I have done this week. So I will be sure to enjoy my alone time! ::
:: So have a great couple weeks and check for updates, we have a computer in the house we are staying in so I will probably update my blog every few days or so...FYI: Amanda, I ran into Kim the other day and found out that your MIL is on the same flight as us - so that should be fun! ::

:: Happy Spring Break Everyone ::


::: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S :::

:: Congratulations is in order to my dearest friend Lisa and her fiance Mr. Reuben Kramer!!! ::
:: It all became official last night ~ Congratulations to the both of you...you deserve nothing but the best! ::
:: Can't wait for August 17th to make it really official ::

:: We love you guys!!! ::


:: Your Thoughts ::

Be honest here ladies...what are your thoughts on this idea:

Paul (my lovely, super sweet and very talented husband) would like to put laminate wood flooring throughout our upstairs bedroom. But since it is not advised that we put laminate on stairs we will have to do carpet up through the hall and stairs.
He thinks this will be fine. I don't. I hate the look, feeling, sound of laminate floors in bedrooms let alone the fact that I will buy area rugs for all of the bedrooms and basically cover up the laminate flooring...So I am asking for your opinion - Carpet in the bedrooms or laminate???

We are on a budget and we know that we can get the laminate for about a $1.50 less than the carpet...but I still don't think that justifies putting laminate in the bedrooms.
This is what we currently have in the house:

Family Room: Nasty pink very sun damaged and worn carpet (must be replaced asap)

Living Room/Dining Room: Newish neutral Burber carpet

Bedrooms: Newish Burber matching Living/dining rooms

Master Bedrooom: Not-so-nice Laminate flooring

Hallway & Stairs: Nasty pink - must go carpet

Our plan has been to replace the family room carpet with new underlay and carpet. Then throughout the kitchen, Dining & living rooms put laminate floors.

Take the newish burber carpet ripped up from the living/dining room and pull out the pink must go carpet from the hallway and stairs and for the time being (until we have more money to put into the carpets) we have the carpet installers put our remnant burber carpet in the stairs and hall, then at least the hallway, stairs and "kids" bedrooms all match. This will have to do until we have excess cash hanging around to put into the upstairs flooring.

Paul thinks it will be too much hassle taking all of the bedroom furniture out in a year or so to replace all of the flooring and that if we have the laminate we can do one bedroom at a time. This is not my idea of a fun time!?!?!?
So what are your thoughts...what would you do? Any other opinions or options would help in this great debate!

:: Palm Springs Weather ::

Palm Springs Weather Forecast
HOO HA - Look at that forcast...only 5 more sleeps and we'll be there enjoying that sunshine for all of ya!!!!

:: Our Blessing ::

:: the many faces of our jacob-bean ::
:: the other day jord came over and took some photo's of jacob with his new camera - i "heart" his camera - it's a beautiful piece of man made machinery! ::

:: C E L E B R A T E ::

:: Happy Anniversary Jordan & Amanda ::
:: Drop by her blog and give her a wish for her special day ::

:: The Days of our Lives ::

:: We lead a pretty "every-day" sort of life...so I don't understand why life just seems to whip by! But here we are already in March - I love March, new flowers, fresh cut grass, still cold enough to wear a sweater but sunny enough to pull out the shades. So here is a few pictures of what we have been up to in the "days of our lives" ::
:: Last week Paul and I dropped our wee one off at his parents place in Poco and went for a date at the FROGSTONE GRILL - We had a great time just enjoying the company of eachother ::
:: We ran into our friends Michael & Coby (also our realtor) at the restaurant with their kids - It was great to chat with them for a bit before we enjoyed our dinner alone :::: A view of the restaurant from the lounge where we enjoyed some great live music ::
:: My bro and sister-in-law from Duncan were over a couple weekends ago to celebrate Jordan's & my Dad's birthdays and when they were over they gave us a beautiful card and amazing pink & cream roses as a congratulations on our new home - Thanks you guys, it was so sweet! ::
:: I'm going on a plane ride...every day for the last few weeks I have been trying to do at least one thing to get us closer to Palm Springs. But since we are leaving in 5 days, I really need to get on the packing! So I'm sure you can guess what I will be doing this afternoon! ::
:: In between everything else we are trying to nail down what renovations we are going to do on the new place, how much they are going to cost and in what order we will be doing them! This does not bring out the best in Paul and I as we have very different visions of what NEEDS to be done and what we want to be done. Eventually we will agree and it will get done. Thus far we have agreed to the laminate flooring and carpet ~ Now if we could just agree on the spaces they should go!!! Here are the samples of our carpet and laminate ::
:: Full of sick - Jacob and I have both been suffering from colds and a touch of the stomache flu but hopefully we have recovered and are on the up-swing ::

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