:: Harper Update ::

* Sunday @ Noon *
:: Heya, just wanted to let you know that Kelly has updated her blog. It looks like Harper is hangin' in there but things have not yet gotten better ::
:: Her heart still seems to have them {the doctors} worried, so Kelly & Scott are waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I'm praying for a miracle, I hope you are too, God can do it, we believe that! ::
:: Pray without ceasing friends, that is what we are called to do ::
:: Ps. Kelly has a picture up of her sweet babe too ::
:: Hey Peeps, I just wanted to give you the latest on wee baby Harper ::
:: She is in the NICU and still in considerable danger. Her heart seems to be enlarged on one side that is preventing the correct blood flow {not sure if it's a problem with the flow in or out of her heart} ::

:: There are so many plus' to Harper's condition, she is in the best possible hands ever {our Lords}, she is so big (9lbs 12 oz), she has all of us praying for healing and restoration and she has the best doctors and nurses watching over her ::

:: Thank you for praying and I'll update y'all tomorrow once there is another update. For now here is the link to Kelly's dads blog for the latest "Now Faith Is"::


:: Pray - Please Pray ::

* The Latest {6:00 pm} *

:: All of the family has made it safely to Tulsa. Harper is not yet on the machine, she is still listed in critical condition but with each hour getting stronger and stronger ::

:: This report is from Kelly's brothers blog here ::

:: Continue to pray - I know I will be! ::


:: Thank you all for standing with this precious family in prayer. Our God is a great God and He has heard our prayers. They have seen significant improvement in Harper's health and thus she may not need to be on the machine to bypass her heart/lungs ::

:: That is FABULOUS news, that means that she is fighting and pushing through. I will keep you updated as I hear my updates from much of the blog world, I'm currently getting updates from six blogs, so I will hear the current news as soon as it's out ::

:: Kelly & her parents have probably just arrived in Oklahoma and are getting to visit with Harper ::

:: You can read her latest update here - Thank you for praying and continue to do so, we want to see this baby be whole and home in the arms of her parents. She is not out of the woods yet, but she is making great strides every hour ::

* * *
:: One of my blogger friends from South of the border has just had her first baby girl this evening - Her name is Harper ::

:: They have waited on God through their infertility and 5 years after trying were SO delighted to be pregnant with Harper ::

:: This evening when Harper was born she wasn't breathing well at all, she in fact actually has pneumonia and it looks like she may not make it ::

:: My heart is in my throat, I don't know what to say except pray, people please pray for Harper, but Scott & Kelly too ::

:: The latest update is that her heart is in good condition but there is fluids in her lungs. She has been airlifted to Tulsa where they can hopefully put her on the appropriate machine to work her heart and lungs and get the pneumonia out fast! ::

:: So friends, please pray for her, pray for complete healing in immediate fashion, that she would be whole and that Kelly would be able to hold her sweet baby girl. I cannot imagine what her heart feels right now ::

:: You can see what Kelly wrote here ::

:: Mani/Pedi Deal ::

:: You've only got a few more days to get in on this great deal, but I thought I would pass it along anyway ::

:: Get a free MANI when you book a PEDI!!! ::
:: Pedi's cost $35 ::

:: Here are the limited dates for the special ::
~ Jan 19,20,21,22~

{If you miss out on this special they also have another special until March {mani/pedi -$45-}, see it here on the website}

:: If you are wanting to have your fingers and toes painted and freshened up while visiting with your best girl {or guy, who knows!} this is the place to go. If you are wanting to have the last 12 months of walking in stilettos scrubbed off of your tender tootsies - this is not the place to go ::

:: Great mani/pedi but not super thorough - but totally worth it when you get a deal like this, plus if you go to the one on Granville, you have an excuse to go window shopping at some of the best shops in town! ::

:: So get your handy dandy day timer out, call them up and make an appointment for a pedi and get a free mani at the same time! ::

:: Cake for One ::

:: I was away from these parts yesterday as I was requested to make a simple cake for a sweet little boys first birthday photo shoot ::

:: The request was for a simple polka-dot cake and so I made a 3 tier chocolate cake, filled with butter cream vanilla icing and covered with chocolate fondant and white & blue polka-dots. Super cute design, celebratory enough but still sweet ::

:: Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go ~ Happy First Birthday Reid ::

:: Just in case you haven't noticed I'm now the owner of two blogs...I have made a website {aka. blog} for my cake stuff. I have yet to make time to come up with exactly what I want on that blog and I still need to watermark my photos and I just haven't had the time yet. I will though. And it'll be great when it's done. If you want to head over and leave a note over there, you can click here to poke around on cakesbyshawna.com ::

** Edited to add below link **
:: Well peeps, I'm off to do laundry, finish up some things for this incredible event, book eye, tooth & doctor appointments, maybe finish up some scrap booking and to hopefully work on my other website, and then tonight I get coffee out with my friend and I get to have my toes painted ::

:: Oh, and on a complete side note; my $dollar$ store {at Willowbrook mall} that I love love love to get craft items, zip bags and random items for cheap from increased their price, they are no longer officially a $dollar$ store but a $1.25 store...how silly, and frustrating!!! ::

:: I'm enjoying the fog today {we've been fogged in for the last week in the lower mainland}, I love it, it makes me want to stay in and stay warm, finish projects, start new ones and clear the clutter. Maybe I'll get a bag of toys off to toy traders/good will this weekend, but we'll be celebrating the birth of my sweet niece Victoria, remember a year ago I was sitting here anticipating her arrival {here are a few other posts I did on her arrival too here, here oh and one more here} ::

:: Have a wonderful weekend peeps, I will make sure once I have some resolution on the mineral foundation issue to update that post and re-post it at the top of the pile ::


:: Dresser re-Dressed ::

:: So following with my theme for this year, I decided instead of going the traditional way to obtain a new dresser for Jacob aka: to buy one, I decided to go down all other avenues first...hey if I could save $150 - $300 on a dresser, I'm game! ::

:: I looked on craigslist.ca in the free section, nothing popped out to me. I looked in the "buy" section. Again nothing popped out at me ::

:: So then I got the wonderful idea to put it out on facebook as my status that I was looking for a dresser, hook, line and sinker, I got a bite! And this is what I ended up with{please excuse the crappy colour of the photos, it was 9:00 pm when I decided to start painting it, but you get the idea} ::
:: My girlfriend was just getting ready to give this away to goodwill. A very lovely, practical, 6 drawer girls dresser, Paul wasn't quite sold on it, but I was & it was free and not only did we gain a dresser, we got to have a great visit with our dear friends in the meantime...we are blessed ::

:: Here is the dresser, all finished up and in my big little boys room, it took some primer and paint that we had left over from the basement. Some investigating to find pulls that fit the holes, {just in case one day (mercy-lawcy) I have a girl and we want to put the lovely girl pulls back on it and paint it white, again}. But after a trip to two different stores in Canada, I eventually found them online @ Lowes in the USofA {go figure!}, perfect, I mean perfect pulls to make this dresser all that I wanted it to be ::

:: So here she is in all her beautiful glory, I love the lines of it and the classic look ::
:: The perfect pulls - $20.00 for all six ::

:: I distressed the edges a bit, but I might do it a bit more, I have yet to decide ::

:: Isn't it perfect? I just love the way it looks in his room and he has yet to even try and open the drawers and I actually have somewhere to put his clothes! Glory be! ::

:: Thank you Lord for blessings that are prepared before we even know we need them ::

:: I need your help, yes you! ::

:: I don't normally post things like this but I need your help on a really silly topic ::

:: Since we're in full on winter blahs here, I have been using my foundation a lot more, however I'm not necessarily sold that it is the best for my skin {or looks the best, I like au natural} ::

:: And the other night when we were up watching TV way too late aka: the infomercials had started so it was after 1:00am, this infomercial came on with all of the great things that their products do for your skin and they leave less of a "carbon footprint" on your face {just kidding about the carbon footprint part - but they did say they were SO good for you} ::

:: Then I happened to get an email advertising this company, again with mineral make-up, but much cheaper than the competition, with apparently the same results ::

:: So my question for you is, do you use mineral make-up? Do you LOVE it? Is it a waste of money? Does it over cover {I don't like to look like I have a mask on!}? ::

:: Your input would be greatly appreciated, because as of right now I have a love/love relationship with my sunless tanner! ::


:: My Top Picks ::

:: Okay so if you missed last nights 2 hour {yikes} episode of the Bachelor...read this before you continue on to read my top picks for Jason ::

:: So at the end of the night Jason was left with this group of girls: Megan, Nikki, Lauren, Molly, Jillian, Melissa, Naomi, Stephanie, Kari, Natalie, Shannon, Erika ::

:: I have a few top picks and here they are ::

:: Nikki, I like her well enough, I think she's super beautiful and n-o-r-m-a-l! However I think she has yet to have FUN. She is very respectful and sweet, but maybe too much of a downer...however I like that she's not in la-la land and so having a relationship at the end of show would be reality for her, not just fru-fru fun {did you get all that!?!?} ::

:: Melissa, oh Melissa, she is a cute cheerleader and would be one to go with the flow and have fun, and fun they had on their date on the beach and in the Goodyear Blimp. However, she might be too fun, too much of a good thing?!?! I guess time will tell ::

:: Jillian, ah, Jillian! My breath of fresh air, beautiful, quiet when needs be, talkative when needs be, beautiful, from Vancouver (er, well Alberta but now she lives here), sweet, innocent not dumb though. I think she is the one...as long as Deanna keeps her claws off of him! ::

:: If you missed the show last night you can tune in on Saturday night as they re-play it at 8:00 pm ::

:: Oh boy, I can't wait until next week! ::

:: Okay, now back to reality! ::


:: 2009 ::

:: I have had a great idea come from a friend of mine about choosing a word to sum up my expectation for 2009, I thought about this long and hard and finally came up with "CREATE" as my word for 2009 ::

:: I have too often let others depict what I should expect, be or become. But I am choosing in 2009 to CREATE what I want to see in all areas of my life, physically, spiritually, emotionally and tangibly ::

:: I want to create my life to be what I feel God has called me to be ::

:: I want to CREATE time for our family to be first, I often just go with the flow, but that is not necessarily always best for my family. That sounds really selfish, but in all reality what good are we to others if what we have created in our own lives is not truly who we are? ::

:: I want to CREATE a deeper level of financial responsibility - put more thought into what I buy and why I'm buying it ::

:: I have found that the word "CREATE" has been less overwhelming than writing down every single last thing that I want to accomplish during 2009. It's an all encompassing word that sums up my desire for 2009 ::

:: So I've shared my "resolution" {if you would like to call it that} with you, but really it's just another reason to re-evaluate what we want to keep in our lives and what we need to trim away to be more of what Christ has called us to be ::

:: So what's your word for 2009? ::

:: The Bachelor ::

:: Now I'm usually not one to endorse reality television, but I happened to be at home with the TV on doing this project last Monday night and, what a night to be home flipping the channel! ::

:: Both Paul and I watched "The Bachelor" and boy oh boy it was a good one...so now I'm hooked! :::: So tonight at 8:00pm, don't bother to call unless you want to get our answering machine, we'll be watching week 2 of this fabulous reality show ::

:: Okay well the truth is; I LOVE reality TV....like Tori & Dean, oh, I just can't get enough of it! ::

:: Happy Bachelor, er, um I mean Monday Peoples! ::

:: Ps. I'm not feeling quite myself yet, I thought I had the flu on Saturday morning, but by Sunday morning I knew it wasn't the flu but my body trying to fight off a migraine...I'm still fighting, have yet to succumb to it. In the meantime I'm getting lots of organizing and de-cluttering done and enjoying the forced down time ::
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