:: Did I kill the QUEEN? ::

:: My handy hubby has been battling an army of sorts (in bee form) for the last few nights...he has used up 1.5 cans of spray foam insulation trying to get ahead of these pests, but now it seems we have just peeved them off that much more because now they are entering through the windows and doors trying to find a new entrance to their nest ::
:: This is one of the multiple bees I have killed today, however this one looks different to the rest, any of you out there who have battled this same army ~ Can you tell me...did I kill the queen, if so is this a good or a bad thing? :: :: This gives you a better idea of how big this one really is ::
:: Even though I gave him a really good smash between the window and my "Mommy Manual" (of which it does not tell you about anything to do with bees)...he was still moving around, so I have secured the little pest in a container for safe keeping - or until he's really dead! ::
:: UPDATE ::
:: Apparently I didn't kill the Queen (as per Paul) it appears that it is just a black wasp...Sounds killer doesn't it!?!?? Even though I gave hime a real good squish - he was still romping around in the container at 6:30 last night! Oh well, I'm sure he's dead this morning ::
:: Paul has now set out a few 2L pop bottle traps - Let's pray they work! ::

:: Happy Housewives ::

:: Last night was Happy Housewives and so we headed to Willowbrook Lanes to test our bowling skills! It was a great time with the girls...every second round we had to do some goofy position (backwards upside down, left handed or right just depending, kneeling etc.). We had a great time! ::
:: And guess who won!?!?!? Yeah, I guess living close to the bowling alley has it's advantages, because I won...which was even more of a treat because I won a gift card to Starbucks! There was also someone who won another gift card to Starbucks for having the least points, but I won't mention any names...at least she too won a treat! ::
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:: Tonsillitis ::

:: Our little Jacob had a fever from Saturday evening through to Tuesday morning ranging from 95 - 105 and so we decided that since it wasn't going away completely and he just didn't seem like himself I would take him in to visit the doctor. So on Tuesday morning we headed into the office to visit Dr. Bert (not our regular pediatrician - but wonderful just the same). He checked his heart, breathing, ears and lastly his throat...before he was even able to get that wood thingy into his mouth he declared my little boy had tonsillitis!!! Yikes! Me feeling like the horrible under-protective parent asked if there would have been any other signs that we didn't notice, but he said no, there would have been no other signs other than the fever and his lack of appetite. So, there you have it...15 months old and he got his first round of antibiotics, not bad I guess - but he just seems so little still! ::

:: Here are some pictures I took just after I gave him his first dose, you can pratically see the drugs taking effect! ::

:: Here he is after a couple doses of the antibiotics - I told him to go look out the window and see if Daddy was home yet...Daddy arrived a few minutes after he turned the speaker over to ensure he had a good view of the driveway. ::

:: Blessings ::

:: My first blessing is from my wonderful man, Paul. I came home last week (I don't remember what day) to a beautiful bouquet of Lillies (one of my very favoritest flowers) accompanied by a beautiful card thanking me for being his wife along with a gift certificate for a 80 minute pregnancy massage at Spa Utopia - I know, isn't that so nice of him!?!? There is a story that goes behind this gift of which he didn't want me to share on my blog, but what it comes down to is that he had $200 to spend however he wanted and he chose to spend it on me. Truly an example of how blessed I am to be with a man after God's own heart :::: This blessing comes in a way of a hand-me-down from my Auntie Ethel, she was cleaning out her cupboards in preparation to move and have a moving sale and my Mom knew how much I LOVE parfait cups and I don't own any (I had actually just asked my Mom for some for Christmas). So my Mom said are you sure you want to sell these? Auntie Ethel was sure, so my Mom picked them up for me -- At a steal of a deal I might add! They have already made me smile on multiple occasions when I pass by my (now full) glass front cabinets :::: Fruit, Fruit & more Fruit ~ My Auntie Di & Uncle Bill own property in which is full of fruit trees - most of which are apple. So I received a call from Uncle Bill letting me know that some of the apples were ready to be picked...Off we go on Sunday afternoon to pick some amazing (non sprayed) apples along with blackberries and plums ~ Here is the fruit of our picking labour :: :: Here is the "Social Apple Betty" I made (one of my fav's) with the apples...it was amazing because the apples were so rich in flavour, such a blessing ::
:: Here is the Apple Betty in my new parfait cups...don't you just want to eat it!?!?!? Well, that I did! ::
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