:: Date Night ::
Paul and I are off to Vancouver for a date tonight -- I am going to steal (well borrow) my M&D's camera so that we can document our time...Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall day!
I went to the doctor's this morning and I'm dialated 1 cm --- Don't get excited I was dialated 2 cm with Jacob for 4 weeks!
Have a great night all!


:: USB ::

:: I am suffering at the hands of my camera...I hate not having in my purse, there are so many little events during my day that I would love to document but you can't do it without a camera! ::
:: I have asked for a new little "snap 'n go" camera from my parents for Christmas --- Nothing fancy just something I can throw in my purse to catch all those fun moments that happen in my little life ::
:: In the meantime I am documenting life on my not-so-little digital camera but I still can't find the USB cable so it doesn't really help if I can't download the pictures!!! ::
:: Anyway, hopefully I will be back later with pictures and an update :) ::


:: Guesses for Baby No. 2 ::

Okay now it's your turn to submit your guesses as to this babies birthday, gender, weight and height.

Due Date: May 19th - born on June 1st
Heart Beat: 160 - 146 (throughout the pregnancy)
Gender: Obviously a boy
Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz
Length: 21 3/4 inches

Baby No. 2:
Due Date: Initial due date was October 18th (based off of my cycle) revised due date from babies size is October 28th
Heart Beat: 165 - 155 (throughout the pregnancy)
Gender: TBA
Weight: TBA
Length: TBA

:: So go for it, take a guess and leave a comment - I'm interested to hear who ends up being closest in their guesses! ::
:: Here we are around 10:00 am the day Jacob was born (he was born @ 1:00 am) ::

:: Baby No. 2 ::

:: Well I am officially feeling VERY pregnant - this baby has been so different to Jacob as it's all up & down and Jacob was very wide not up & down ::

:: I shouldn't complain because I am such a healthy pregnant girl, no diabetes, no excessive weight gain, no high blood pressure (it's actually best when I'm pregnant, usually it's a little high), no horrible morning sickness, not much water retention (except for the past few days) - so really I have nothing to complain about, but now I am getting uncomfortable. Since this baby is up & down it makes bending over a chore and I feel like I'm going to blast this baby out and puke at the same time...sorry for the visual! But it's so not fun! ::
:: I am 37 weeks 2 days which means 19 more sleeps to my due date...I want the baby out and yet I don't, I know I will be able to handle the two kids fine by myself but a the current moment I have only one child that needs my attention, so I'm trying to savor that. ::
:: Last week at my 37 week apt the babies heart beat was 155 - which was pretty much the same as Jacob's, so it's any one's guess as to what it's going to be. Due to the fact that this pregnancy has been so different we think it's probably a girl but based on the heartbeat we think it could also be a boy - so who knows! ::
:: Dr. Schuurman sent me in for a stress test at the hospital on Friday as babies movements had slowed considerably and the fundal height of the belly hadn't changed in fact it had gone down a centimeter, but everything looked great and the nurses/doctors at the hospital were not the least bit worried. They did demand though that I do a 2 hour kick count test every day -- Yeah I have time for that!?!? Not! I have been obedient thus far and taken the time to feel the 6 counts they demand I feel in the 2 hour period. ::
:: I have been saying that I would post an official belly shot but I have yet to get one taken - here is a picture of Christy (my SIL) hugging the baby yesterday ::

:: I have been delaying packing my hospital bag - but I really need to get it done today. I have been looking for a new set of pj's/lounge wear to get for the hospital but hadn't found anything till I saw my SIL Jenn on Sunday @ Thanksgiving dinner. She was wearing this super cute lounge wear from Old Navy and said it was really reasonable. So I think I'm going to get this to wear in the hospital after I have the baby - You just feel so much better when you have something fresh and cute to wear. Jenn looked it up on the Old Navy website and it looks like the top is half the price in the States as it is here (surprise surprise) so I'm going to head down maybe tonight to pick it up - Thanks Jenn for letting me steal your cute outfit :) ::

:: I'm getting it in magnum grey so it will be different to Jenn's - she bought cream...I love the cream but my butt won't look good in the pants - I already know that! ::

:: Thanksgiving 2007 ::

:: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :: :: We had a great Thanksgiving long weekend, on Saturday Paul was outside working on the yard...again. But now it's almost done. He winterized the front yard/garden and cleaned it all up and almost completed the new drainage at the side of the house. I went to Benjamin's 1st birthday with Jacob in the afternoon - once we returned home Jacob went down for a nap and I went into the basement to organize and unpack our winter coats/gloves/hats as we have been using our basement as a catch all for the last 5 months and it really needed an overhaul. By the time Paul came in I had completed organizing/sorting everything that I could then he came in and moved the big stuff. I am really happy with the results, it feels like I could leave Jacob down there (he has a toy room down there) and he would be fine. We just need to put the door on the furnace room - it will be so nice to have the extra space during the long winter days. ::

:: On Sunday we went to church then had brunch with my parents and Grandma Rosie at her place...from there we came home and I made an apple pie for our Thanksgiving dinner at Paul's parents place. I have no pictures as my dumb camera is still not ready! We had a great time with the whole family - we're really expanding now that we have number 2 on the way and since Jennifer is pregnant...it's going to be one busy house with all these babies! ::

:: Monday we woke up to beautiful clear skies - it was so nice! Paul let me sleep in a little and then he headed outside to do more work on the drainage. Around 11:30 am we headed out to my parents place as we had to have an early lunch because Jord was working afternoon shift. We had a great time though and played a wicked game of Pictionary (fyi: the girls won!) - So fun! ::

:: Here are some pictures from yesterday ::

:: All of us "kids" ::

:: Mom & Dad :: :: Jordan & Lindsey ::
:: Trevor & Christy ::
:: Paul, Jacob, Baby & I ::

:: I am so thankful for everything that I have, my fabulous husband with a heart after God's own heart, my ever-so-busy but healthy little boy Jacob, this little bean inside me and for my fabulous sisters (all three of them) and brothers (all four of them), we are blessed beyond measure and I could just cry it's so overwhelming (fyi: that's probably the hormones talking!). I hope that everyone took the time this weekend to reflect on what they are thankful for ::

:: My cup runneth over ::

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