: Summer is here & I'm not :

School has officially been out for 2 weeks and the past 2 days are the first two days we haven't had plans through the wazoo!  

There have been celebrations, lessons, play dates, weddings to help with...the list goes on!  So to say that I'm thankful for these past two home days is a vast understatement! 

I've also been on a little bit {okay big bit} of a roller coaster about my weight, I try and try and try and nothing changes.  I'm at a complete loss as to what to do as it encompasses my whole brain/life some days.  Let alone the stress it adds to our marriage...phew, sometimes life is just down right hard! {can I hear an amen!!?!

Anyways, I wanted to stop by and say, I'm not dead, we are living well and full of life!  
* * * 
: Here's a few photos from around our place today :
I'm working on getting our family photo wall all coordinated so I had to paint out some frames, they have been on the wall for 6 months but I needed them to be all the same color, it was driving me nuts!  And see that umbrella stand, it got a fresh coat of paint too...watch out, Mama has the spray can! 

 Laundry dear, we are close friends don't you know!?!  This pile is currently blowing in the wind in the back yard, I love breezy Summer days!
 Working on organization of the house, duties & projects I want to accomplish this Summer, before Anniversary celebrations, traveling, weddings & Cranberry Creek starts back up again! 
{And loving my new-to-me $5 starbucks mug}
Just a random broken pot on our back step, it decided to grow some allisum, can't throw away the pot now...it's got JJ's favorite flower in it!
 This is the looks of the boys room right now.  We are trying to teach Cole how to make his bed, this is what he thinks "made" looks like...Jacob on the other hand has it down to a fine science!
I walked into the family room to see my little munch all dressed up in 26 degree weather head to toe in his dragon outfit...he proceeded to blow fire at me ;) Man that kid makes me laugh!

That's all for now lovelies, enjoy the sun!  

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