:: My Secret ::

:: We're off to Whistler!!! ::

:: Paul's sister and brother in law have a condo up in Whistler and we are able to use it - isn't that fabulous??? We really need a break from reality but with the costs of reality we weren't able to afford going anywhere (and plus I'm 8 months pregnant and can't fly anyway) ::
:: So I have kept this little secret to myself (well mostly myself - actually when I come to think of it most of our family knows, so I really haven't kept it that much of a secret!). Anyway I have done all of the preparations to get this trip underway, I even got Paul to change our burnt out headlight in our van last night without him suspecting a thing! So today has been full of packing clothes, food, toys, toddler items & other misc. items that we might need. I have written up a schedule of events and planned two special nights, tonight is movie night with caramel corn and candy and tomorrow night is dinner out (a luxury in our books) ::

:: I know that he will be SO delighted when he finds out that we're not actually going to the Imax and Stone Grill tonight - I can't wait!!! ::
:: Here are some pictures of the condo ::


Northern Lights #1 VillageThree Bedroom
Northern Lights # 1 is a comfortable three bedroom plus den town-home, perched just above the Westin Hotel and Resort, only a few minutes walk to the heart of Whistler Village. This lovely home offers great outdoor exposure through its towering floor to ceiling windows and vaulted ceilings in the living area. Its well equipped kitchen is complete with stainless steel appliances, wine fridge and granite countertops. All bedrooms are comfortably and spacious. Located on the top floor, the master bedroom is generously sized and offers a private ensuite bathroom. Two bedrooms and one bathroom are located on the lower floor.
When you are taking a break from the outdoor activities, the media room / den is the perfect retreat for kids and adults alike. It features a huge TV, a foosball table and plenty of seating. Or after a tiring day on the slopes, unwind by soaking yourself in the private outdoor hot tub or relaxing by the fireplace.
Northern Lights # 1 is a great Whistler village accommodation choice, offering access to the village with a short 4 minute walk to the Westin Resort and Spa and a further 2 minutes to the base of the lifts. For extended families or larger groups, combining the nearby Northern Lights # 15 and # 25 offers fourteen bedrooms and sleeping for over 30 people.

:: The secret is almost here ::

Hi All!!!

Well I can almost let my secret out -- but not officially until 1:00 pm. I don't want to risk the chance that Paul will check the blog from work or that someone in his office will check and let the "cat out of the bag".

Paul was funny when he read the post about the secret, he said "you didn't get us a cat did you?" -- No, no hunny it's not a cat!

His other guess was, your due date is our anniversary...nope but I wish :D

I know you're all waiting with baited breath for the secret (yeah right!) sorry but you'll just have to wait, I'm off to do last minute things to prepare!


:: Just an hour ::

:: I have just put our little {big} boy into his big boy bed for the first official time (we tried another time but my parents had just returned from a trip and he was too excited to go back into it and we were to tired to persevere) ::
:: Paul was out (sometimes things are more difficult when there are two people to suck up to) and so I decided since all of his stuff is in his "big boy room" that I would try him in it - it only took one hour to get him settled in...not too bad for the first time. I gave him his sippy cup and sat beside the bed, didn't touch him but every time he sat up I would say "good night Jacob, lye down, you're in your big boy bed, it's time to go to sleep" and he would do so. At the end of the hour he was still awake but I just left him, shut the door and listened to him whine/cry for a few moments. I came downstairs, turned on the monitor and all is quiet up in his room ::
:: Paul just returned home and opened the garage door that is so conveniently right below his room and he didn't stir, so looks like night no.1 of our little boy being an official BIG boy is here..we will have good snuggle and maybe shed a tear prior to going to bed as this is again another sign that our "baby" is growing out of being our "baby" - but I guess it's all in due time! ::
:: Good night baby boy - We love you! ::
:: Edited to add ::
:: We had a crying Jacob @ 2:00 am - I sent Paul to go get him thinking that it must be 6:30ish and he's starting to wake up. Paul brings him into bed and he's thrashing around, after about 10 minutes I ask Paul "what time is it?" he states "two o'clock" - I'm like "what!??!" okay Jacob back to bed. I make him walk to his big boy bedroom and get him to climb into bed, I lye him down do the whole good night routine and walk out, he cries so I go in 2 or 3 minutes later as he's trying to scale the guard rail. I tell him to lye down. I wait a few minutes (more like 10) and then say good night and walk out. I hear him sit up in bed (crazy pregnancy ears) and I holler from our bed "lye down Jacob, it's time to go to sleep" and what do you know - he does! He finally woke at 7:20 this morning and Paul had to go in and get him as we could see he was trying to scale the guard rail again! Not bad all since the little guy is only 15.5 months old! Now naps today will probably be a whole different story! Pray for us :D ::

:: Congratulations ::

:: Congratulations to my long time friend Laura and her beau Josh - He asked for her hand on Saturday after a beautiful horse back ride, this was all in celebration of their one year anniversary (smart man Josh, keep everything on the same date if you can!). They are planning a late January wedding. Blessings on your next few months of being engaged - We pray everything works out just perfectly for your special day! :: :: Here is the rock - Not too shabby eh?!??! Laura had this one picked out for years just waiting for that special someone, well done Josh and lucky you....You're that special someone! ::


:: Pass it on ::

:: A friend of mine told me about this blog by a gal named Dawn, she has 6 kids and her blog averages 100 comments per post!!! Crazy huh!?!? ::
:: Here is her blog address: http://mom2my6pack.blogspot.com/ ::
:: Happy reading! ::

:: Yesterday ::

:: We've only been in our "new place" since June 1st and I'm mostly un-packed, at least the things that matter to the guys in my life, but all of my things, pictures, curtains, clothes, extra toiletries, decorative items have mostly been pushed to the side and left in neat little piles as a rainy day project (yeah right, with baby arriving in just over a month, sure!) ::
:: Anyway, yesterday I decided it was time to go through my closet, I'm getting to the point that I am frustrated with everything I put on and I can't find anything I want to wear or feel cute in. So I spent the better part of 4 hours cleaning, organizing and refining my closet or should I say ahem boxes of stuff! ::
:: Thanks to Lisa. B and her plethora of maternity clothes my closet is filled only with the few items that I can still wear pregnant and the rest are maternity, I know I'm a lucky girl...but if you can't find anything having a full closet means nothing! Plus I have resigned to the fact that Summer has truly gone and so must the halter tops and shorts! ::

:: Here is the Before (it looked worse than what the picture shows you!) ::

:: Here is the After ::

:: YaY for organization - in MY closet!!! ::

:: Bon Voyage ::

:: Better late than never, right?!!? Anyway here are pictures from us dropping my parents & the "surprise" off at the cruise ship terminal @ Canada Place on Sunday ::
:: The "surprise" was my cousins Robert (crazy waving guy) and Kathy from Calgary along with Robert's Mom, Anna. Kathy is my Mom's oldest sister (Ruth's) daughter - they were a super fun surprise to keep hidden! I hadn't seen them in probably 12 years so when they saw me pull up in my mini van and ever-so-preggo body they were shocked, but as if we had just seen each other up walks Robert and rubs the belly and gives me a warm squeeze as did Kathy, so nice to have family that is just that, Family - take 'em or leave 'em they are family and it's great! ::
:: My Auntie Ruth is celebrating her 75th birthday so that is one of the reasons they are going on the cruise, and Robert & Kathy were a surprise to everyone except my Mom & Dad, Us and my Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Ken....I wish I could have been there when the surprise was reveled at dinner ~ what fun that would have been! We missed running into everyone at the dock by seconds, just as we arrived they were walking through the doors to the wicket! :::: Here is the bow of their boat, oh we so badly wanted to go with them once we saw the boat! :: :: Mom & Dad - this was the second picture I took because in the first one my Dad was standing like a policeman, feet together, straight ahead, hands at side, chest out, tummy in, Stern but still smiling, so I told him to not "stand like a cop" and snapped this great picture of them sans the cop face :) :::: Jacob waiting with Paul to see Grammie & Grampy off ::
:: Jacob and Paul going to get a better look at the fountain ::
:: Some of the family waving from the top deck - do you see Dad...oh poor Dad, he'll have fun though! Here is the family (left to right) Mom, Nanny, Auntie Terri, Auntie Marilyn, Uncle Ken & Dad :::: Jacob & Paul outside Canada Place :: :: Ze Boat ::
:: Jacob sucking on the guard rail....suck away J, build up the immune system! ::
:: Waving good-bye without Robert, Kathy & Anna - Uncle Lauch & Auntie Ruth are in this one too..He's the one taking a picture of me and she's between my Mom & Nanny...In this photo my Uncle Ken is yelling "Help" - no joke & it was really loud! They will have a great time together ::


:: Just when I thought ::

:: Just when I thought everything was going to be settling down once we hit September -- I was wrong ::

:: Paul and I were just going over our schedule of events for the next few weeks, so in case I don't get on here to update the blog you will all understand :) ::

- September 21, our 5 year anniversary
- September 23, Emma's 1st Birthday
- September 29, Jaelyn's 1st Birthday
- September 30, my Parents 35th Anniversary
- September 30, Paul's Dad's 56th Birthday
- October 7 & 8, Thanksgiving with both sides of the family
:: Between all these things are meetings with our doula (birthing coach), bi-weekly doctors apt's, we also have to register at the hospital and I am also working at church on Wednesday's for our women's ministry....plus to make some extra money I am making the butter sauce for the samples at the trade shows my Mom attends through the Fall & Winter (this is completely by choice as it makes me some really good cash!) ::
:: All of these things are fun and make my life as a SAHM full of all the people I love, but sometimes it's just so much work coordinating and organizing all of the things that go into celebrating the life I lead...not that I'm complaining; I'm just writing it because I know you understand, or can sympathize with me :) ::
:: Thanks for listening, not like you had a choice because you were reading it ;P ::
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