:: Whistler No. 3 ::

:: On Sunday we went to Blacombe to the street market, hung out by the river checking out rocks and walking around looking at all the dogs - Jacob loves dogs! We headed home around 3:30 to ensure we made it to Emma's 1st Birthday for 6:00 - the traffic was really bad though and we were still a half hour late! ::

:: We had an awesome time and we're both on cloud 9 from the weekend - it was just what we needed! ::
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:: Whistler No. 2 ::

:: While up in Whistler we enjoyed walking around, the hot tub at the condo and going out for dinner to the Old Spaghetti Factory - Everything was perfect...we weren't disappointed at all! ::
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:: Whistler No. 1 ::

:: On Friday Paul got home around 1:45 and we were on the road by 2:15. We had a few stops to make and by 3:45 we were on our way. We arrived in Whister at 5:30, which was perfect. An now comes the fun part, giving Paul his 5 gifts...his first one was the surprise and the second one was movies to watch while up in Whister...it was so fun preparing all of his 5 gifts! ::
:: We decided that our gifts to each other would be writing a letter and this was by far my most favorite part of the weekend - Paul wrote me an amazing letter ::
:: On Saturday we woke up and had cinnamon buns, fruit and porridge and then went for a long walk through town, enjoyed some Starbucks and watching Jacob adventurize; it was such a great day!!! ::
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:: This Week ::

:: I have a full week this week, but there are many highlights! ::
:: Tomorrow morning I am starting my first batch of Butter Sauce for Cranberry Creek -- I have just under two weeks to get the sauce made, packaged and shipped off for the season (so there is a little bit of a time crunch, but it will be great to get it done) :: :: I get to go for my massage that Paul bought me on Thursday night - I am truly delighted to indulge in this treat - Can't wait! ::
:: After my massage on Thursday night I am heading over to Lisa.B's place to watch Grey's with her, since we don't have cable I have to make a date to watch one of my little indulgences! ::

:: I will be back with a WHISTLER re-cap once I have un-packed all of our stuff :D ::

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