:: Whistler No. 3 ::

:: On Sunday we went to Blacombe to the street market, hung out by the river checking out rocks and walking around looking at all the dogs - Jacob loves dogs! We headed home around 3:30 to ensure we made it to Emma's 1st Birthday for 6:00 - the traffic was really bad though and we were still a half hour late! ::

:: We had an awesome time and we're both on cloud 9 from the weekend - it was just what we needed! ::
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Laura said...

looks like such a great weekend! you are a wonderful wife and mommy Shawna! Happy Anniversary!

Christy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast for your weekend....great to hear it was so relaxing and fun. Sorry I missed you guys this weekend, it would have been nice to see everyone. Trev was just gushing about Jacob, it is really cute. Hope you're well and I will see you next week! Loves

Jennifer and Michael said...

I LOVE that photo of Jacob running on the wooden planks. His face is priceless!!

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