:: Days Inside ::

:: Lately the weather has not been conducive to being outside, so we have been inside doing all sorts of things - Here is a little update of our lives in the Fall of 2007 ::

:: Camera -- Our video/digital camera decided to stop working....not the digital part but the video part, so I am camera less for the next 3 - 6 weeks!!!! Good thing we bought the extended warranty! But unfortunately we won't have it back for the birth of this baby...So sorry for the lack of pictures I will do my best to use our other digital camera, but I need to find the usb cable so I can download the pictures and that may be a task in itself! ::

:: Last week I spent most of the week in my Mom's test kitchen (in their basement) trying to complete the butter sauce ~ I got the better portion done by Friday evening and I have to make 5 or 6 batches today and I will be finished ::

:: Saturday we celebrated Jaelyn's 1st birthday - which was all girl! It was great to visit with all of our friends and crazy to see all the little ones running around. It was quite the hoot for people to see me too, I had quite a few people come up to me and say "weren't you in this state the last time I saw you?" - I guess it's been a while and yes, I was pregnant the last time you saw me! ::

:: Saturday night we went over to our friends Matt & Lisa's to enjoy a night of Indian food...it was super fun to make and all the better to have great company to do it with ::

:: Yesterday we had my parents over for their 35th Wedding Anniversary - we had roast beef with potatoes (the first ones didn't turn out the way I planned so we had two different types), salad & buns. Then (my mom's fav) we had Pavlova for dessert. We (all of us kids) got a picture frame and put each of our wedding pictures in it along with theirs and had an inscription made that said "...35 years later Happy Anniversary" - it turned out really well and made a tear come to the eye, so I guess it was a hit! ::
:: Here they are 35 years ago - Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! ::
:: Last night we headed over to Paul's parents place to celebrate Paul's Dad's birthday - Paul's sister made chicken lasagna (which was amazing) along with salad, potatoes and I made apple cobbler for dessert. It was a great night of visiting and guesses of when this little one will be born. Mum L is sure that it's going to arrive on October 17th - that's only 17 sleeps away, that makes my palms sweat just thinking about it! ::
:: Congratulations Grant & Jen! Our friends Grant & Jen welcomed a new little baby into the world this morning, this is baby no. 3 for them and we are so delighted that everything went text book with the delivery. She had 2 hours and 37 minutes of labour from the time her water broke...Lucky lucky girl!!! I will update what it is and it's name once I am given the go ahead from Jen ::
:: So today I have quite the to-do list - so I must go, but hopefully I will find the usb cord so I will have pictures of our life while we wait for the other camera to be fixed! ::
:: Happy Monday Everyone! ::


Christy said...

Hey Shawna, glad the anniversary dinner went well. We can't wait to see the picture frame and to see everyone for thanksgiving. Miss you lots!

Lisa B. said...

Happy Monday to you too! I just LOVE the pic of your mom and dad - they look so young.

Ahhhh, the woes of life "sans" camera....hopefully the hunt for the USB cable is successful.

Meghan B said...

Grant and Jen had a 3rd? Wow - I used to attend a CLA cell group with them while they were pregnant with Lauren. What is their 2nd child - boy or girl? If you rememebr, please send them my best wishes

Jennifer said...

Good Luck with the camera! It must be something in the air because ours stopped working too. After shopping around and not finding what we wanted we came home and our camera was working again. I guess it was just tired...

Laura said...

sounds like you been busy! nice to pass those last days of pregnancy with stuff though - makes the time go by faster!

Canadian Kristin said...

Hey Shawna,
Glad to hear you're tootling along whilst you await the arrival of Sweet Baby.... how can you give birth without a camera?!?!?!? Mine is on the verge-of-on-the-fritz and I'll be camera shopping this week as a pre-emptive strike against the camera eating fairiers that be lurking around! Eek, no camera, that makes MY palms sweat...need to borrow a video camera from us?!??!

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