:: Pumpkin Patch {sort of!} ::

:: Due to our Hawaiian vacation in the beginning portion of October, we didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch until it was almost too late! But we fit it in going to a local farm market on Saturday - just enough of a memory to make it fun for the boys and to provide Mr. L and I with something to do while we watched a movie later that night ;) ::

:: Here is my little family & one of the pumpkins ::

:: Out boys with their treats, they were served popcorn and hot chocolate for free --- Ahh, I love this market! ::

:: Lookin' at all the goods ::

:: Off they go to pick out some pumpkins with Daddy ::

:: Later that night Mr. L and I made short work of carving the pumpkins...mine is the traditional Jack O Lantern and Mr. L's is a little more creative. The next morning the boys woke up to see them on the counter and they called up to us, "Mum, Dad...come see! There are Jack O Yanterns on the counter!!!" It was so sweet that they were so excited about them! ::


:: Friday Night ::

:: On Friday night we went out to a local restaurant and celebrated Lyla's birthday planned by her lovely husband Steve. This was a big birthday for her...and we were SO delighted to be invited to celebrate with her ::

:: Here are some of the guys including my super handsome hubby, Mr. L ::

:: JD is Lyla's niece -- I know, I'm surrounded by amazing creativity when I'm with these ladies! ::

:: Lois & Pam ::

:: My brother Jordan and SIL Lindsey ::

:: Happy Birthday Lyla - You're just as beautiful on the inside as out..and let me say, that's pretty stinkin' beautiful :) ::

:: XoXo ::

:: Halloween 2010 ::

:: We had barely been back a week from Hawaii when Halloween was upon us. We had planned out their outfits prior to leaving for Hawaii, but it all needed to come together. Amazingly it came together very well ::

:: Here is our Dragon {Cole} and Knight {Jacob} - they took their costumes quite seriously, Cole was blowing fire at us and Jacob was wearing his hand guards for days - Ha! ::

:: We trick or treated around our immediate neighbourhood first ::

:: The boys thought it was great, we have great neighbours and the boys both love them ::

:: It was a beautiful day for going for a walk dressed up like a Knight and his trusty Dragon ::

:: Later on I made up a big pot of chili and headed over to my parents place to meet up with our friends Steve & Lyla, Matt & Lisa and Paul's parents ::

:: Here are all the kids just about to head out to gather more candy ::

:: Now on to figuring out their outfits for next year! ::


:: Cole's 3rd Birthday ::

:: Back in November my "baby" turned three *insert soft sobbing now* --- We had a digger party at his request...so out comes all the diggers in yellow, a big 'ol digger cake and lots of family

:: Here is the cake, it turned out a little differently than I had originally planned, you see Cole wanted to help aka: destroy! My perfectionist tendencies had to go to the back burner for the happiness of the birthday boy ;) ::

:: He picked out this birthday banner, we have always used the same tacky banner over our fireplace, but he wanted two...so here is the second one along with some digger decor ::
:: Coles birthday candy bar ::
:: His birthday photo collage, one photo from each year of his life and two from the months just before he turned 3 ::

:: Traditional photo in front of the fireplace under the tacky birthday banner - ha! ::
:: Nana & Papa L came to celebrate too ::
:: As well as Uncle & Aunty {We're missing Coles other Aunts & Uncles and 4 cousins} ::
:: The birthday boy in all his glory! ::
:: Friend Madelyne & Emma enjoying their lasagna dinner ::
:: Grammie hanging at the men's table ::
:: This is a full set of photos from Cole & Mr. L --- I asked Cole to smile, so he frowned, nice! HA HA ::
:: Our big 3 year old boy and his cake & balloons ::
:: Family photo ::
:: Getting ready to hack into the cake ::
:: This was the first year Cole was really into his cards and unwrapping the presents, it was just pure joy seeing his face open all the gifts ::
:: Thank you to all of our family who came to celebrate with Coley -- to those who couldn't be there, we sure missed you! ::

:: We have already started planning his birthday theme for this upcoming November, it is a Pirate theme party & he gets to invite his school friends, exciting times people, very exciting! We picked up the invites on Tuesday when we were shopping, he is a planner just like his Mama ;) ::

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