:: Halloween 2010 ::

:: We had barely been back a week from Hawaii when Halloween was upon us. We had planned out their outfits prior to leaving for Hawaii, but it all needed to come together. Amazingly it came together very well ::

:: Here is our Dragon {Cole} and Knight {Jacob} - they took their costumes quite seriously, Cole was blowing fire at us and Jacob was wearing his hand guards for days - Ha! ::

:: We trick or treated around our immediate neighbourhood first ::

:: The boys thought it was great, we have great neighbours and the boys both love them ::

:: It was a beautiful day for going for a walk dressed up like a Knight and his trusty Dragon ::

:: Later on I made up a big pot of chili and headed over to my parents place to meet up with our friends Steve & Lyla, Matt & Lisa and Paul's parents ::

:: Here are all the kids just about to head out to gather more candy ::

:: Now on to figuring out their outfits for next year! ::


Christy said...

They looked SOO cute.....one year, some day, we'll get the kids together for Halloween!
Loves ya!

Carolee said...

Aaagh! Can't see some of the pics - fix please?

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