:: Friday Night ::

:: On Friday night we went out to a local restaurant and celebrated Lyla's birthday planned by her lovely husband Steve. This was a big birthday for her...and we were SO delighted to be invited to celebrate with her ::

:: Here are some of the guys including my super handsome hubby, Mr. L ::

:: JD is Lyla's niece -- I know, I'm surrounded by amazing creativity when I'm with these ladies! ::

:: Lois & Pam ::

:: My brother Jordan and SIL Lindsey ::

:: Happy Birthday Lyla - You're just as beautiful on the inside as out..and let me say, that's pretty stinkin' beautiful :) ::

:: XoXo ::


Lyla said...

Shawna - you are the best! We are so thankful to have you and Paul in our lives! You bring joy and class to every event! Thanks for coming to my birthday prepared to take pics and for sharing them on your blog! luv u

Joanne said...

Looks like the milesstone was celebrated with style...as it should be! Happy Birthday, Lyla!

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