:: I didn't ::

:: Here's a little story for you... ::

:: The other morning when I wasn't at Tim Hortons at 7.50 am ::

:: I didn't try to park & ignore my rear sensing system ::

:: I also didn't run into that lovely green Ford F150 parked behind me ::

:: Then I didn't have to leave my boys in the car while I went into Tim Hortons filled with only construction workers - to find owner of green F150! ::

:: I didn't walk around to every table in a VERY busy
Tim Hortons, asking who owned the green F150 ::

:: I didn't get to the final table and find the man that actually owned the green F150 ::

:: When I didn't realize that he was going deaf and needed me to raise my voice and tell him that I had hit his F150, so loud that all could hear ::

:: And all didn't go silent when I did state what had happened ::

:: And he didn't just say "that's okay, thanks for your honesty" ::

:: So I didn't respond..."don't you want to make sure there is no damage?" ::

:: And he didn't respond with "nah, I trust ya...thanks for letting me know" ::

:: And I didn't just faint from pure trauma and embarrassment to my system ::

:: No No, none of these things happened to me ::

:: Me, no never! ::

:: No not me! ::


:: Women's Wednesday September Event ::

:: So here they are, pictures of our Women's Wednesday Kick off event:
Walking in her shoes

:: We got to the church in ample time to set up the display of shoes, it was quite the undertaking to make the cafe feel warm and inviting, but I think we achieved it {and yes, that is my china cabinet and I have to say it looked fabulous with shoes instead of dishes in it} ::

:: Then the women started to arrive, and arrive and arrive...okay so where are we going to put all you women??? Hmm, bring on the extra chairs! Good thing our next event is in the gym! ::

:: Lisa & I praying before and preparing our schedule...as well as watching everyone come through the doors ::

:: We introduced our guest speaker: Pam and she did an absolutely fabulous job of talking about what she has "walked through", "currently walking in" and "what she is looking forward to walking into" - It was powerful ::

:: Once Pam finished speaking each woman received a "shoe box" and in the shoe box was 5 cards and a pen. They were asked to write down their "walked through", "walking in" and "walking into". Then at the end of the night each woman took home a box and they were asked to pray for the items in the box ::

:: We had some great worship by Tania {however she was also our photographer so we have no shots of her - Sorry Tawn!} and then closed the night chit chatting with each other::

:: Thanks to all of you from my blog world that came out, your attendance and support to this new ministry did not go unnoticed ::

:: And thank you to Tania for all of the photos - we will miss you eye to detail in October ::

:: We know that God it going to work mightily through this ministry and in the lives of the women that attend ::

:: We look forward to seeing you at our next event on October 15th - mark your calendars! ::


:: Fall = Oatmeal ::

:: I don't know how you eat your oatmeal in your house, but we eat ours dry, in a bowl, with a digger in it, then we proceed to play not eat ::

:: Happy Oatmeal Eating ~ Did I mention that I LOVE Fall? ::
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:: Kake for K ::

:: I was requested a while back to do up a cake for a photo shoot for a 1st birthday. The request was simple - blue and brown polka dots w/ vanilla icing and chocolate cake...easy enough, one would think. But the pressure to have it "perfect" for this sweet boys first birthday photo shoot was clearly evident as I met Sarah to deliver the finished product ::

:: You can check out the rest of the photo's on Jillian Kirby's site here. It is such a fun idea especially when you have a sweet boy such as "K" ::

:: Happy 1st Birthday "K" - I hope you enjoyed your cake made just for you! ::


:: Jacob ::

:: My sweet little big boy was found sleeping in his chair today for his nap::

:: He has his towel covering his legs and left his blanket on his bed because he wouldn't want to mess it up, he's quite particular you know. He also has to smell everything prior to using or wearing it to ensure it doesn't have a funky smell ::

:: What a funny little guy, but he's just too sweet for words to me; that is unless he's dropping all of his weight on his younger brothers back...then I have plenty of words! ::
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:: Welcome Autumn ::

:: Autumn is finally officially here & I love it! ::

{:: The Body Shop "Vanilla Spice" Room Fragrance, Apples on our apple tree, New pumps from Old Navy, Eucalyptus buds, Falling Leaves, Stanley Park ::}

:: This is really just a note to show you some of the reasons that I love this season and to let you know that I am here...I've got lots to post about and a few items in the archive to edit and publish, just no time to do so ::

:: If you have stopped by and have noticed my absence don't fear, I won't be gone for long! ::

:: I'll be back with decor tips for Fall, our Anniversary Weekend & Women's Wednesday photos & recap ::

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