:: Women's Wednesday September Event ::

:: So here they are, pictures of our Women's Wednesday Kick off event:
Walking in her shoes

:: We got to the church in ample time to set up the display of shoes, it was quite the undertaking to make the cafe feel warm and inviting, but I think we achieved it {and yes, that is my china cabinet and I have to say it looked fabulous with shoes instead of dishes in it} ::

:: Then the women started to arrive, and arrive and arrive...okay so where are we going to put all you women??? Hmm, bring on the extra chairs! Good thing our next event is in the gym! ::

:: Lisa & I praying before and preparing our schedule...as well as watching everyone come through the doors ::

:: We introduced our guest speaker: Pam and she did an absolutely fabulous job of talking about what she has "walked through", "currently walking in" and "what she is looking forward to walking into" - It was powerful ::

:: Once Pam finished speaking each woman received a "shoe box" and in the shoe box was 5 cards and a pen. They were asked to write down their "walked through", "walking in" and "walking into". Then at the end of the night each woman took home a box and they were asked to pray for the items in the box ::

:: We had some great worship by Tania {however she was also our photographer so we have no shots of her - Sorry Tawn!} and then closed the night chit chatting with each other::

:: Thanks to all of you from my blog world that came out, your attendance and support to this new ministry did not go unnoticed ::

:: And thank you to Tania for all of the photos - we will miss you eye to detail in October ::

:: We know that God it going to work mightily through this ministry and in the lives of the women that attend ::

:: We look forward to seeing you at our next event on October 15th - mark your calendars! ::


Trista Cooper said...

Shawna, What an absolutley amazing night. My heart was touched...I will definitley be putting it in my calendar for October.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello - I found you through Tania's blog....I noticed that you do cakes. Do you sell them? We adopted our youngest son and he is turning one Oct 10th and I wanted a REALLY special cake and bakery's are not cutting it! Here's my email dawncherisse@gmail.com if you do sell your cakes.

Thanks! Dawn

Roo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Paul (on your new banner)...hot couple!!

Christy said...

So great to see piccy's of your event and so glad to hear that God really showed up!

Laura said...

Looks amazing! So sad I had to miss it :( Where did you get all the centerpiece vases? I want one!! :) Oh, and you and Lisa look so beatuiful too, you ladies are incredible! Hope to be there next month, keep us posted.

Jennifer said...

You guys really did an amazing job Shawna! I look forward to Octobers event :)

Lisa B. said...

It was truly a great night - God is so good!

Not so good is that photo of me...just for the record that was the scared, stressed out look I gave the camera as we watched from the balcony as ladies kept pouring in.

Amanda said...

It looks, and sounds, like an amazing night. I was going to come but didn't know if it would be appropriate to bring Makena. If it is okay that I do, I would love to come to the next one in Oct.

Also, love the new header. You and your little family of boys is beautiful.

Shawna said...

Thanks so much ladies for your support and love...It was a great night and I cannot wait to see what great things God has in store for our little vision!

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