:: Nature Shots ::

:: Random Shots of the blooming (in a good way) world -- I shot these while Jacob was busy playing with his bike ::
:: Hope you are enjoying this spring as much as I am --- Last year at this time I was caught up in packing up our townhouse, moving into my parents suite and then completely reno-ing this place...so I really didn't get to breath in Spring like I have this year. I adore Spring, almost as much as Fall ::

:: The above pic is of one of our two cherry blossom trees...some peoples have bloomed, ours won't for another couple weeks, I can be patient. I love when our street is in full bloom. It's stunning! ::

:: Big Boy Bike ::

:: My parents neighbour is moving and didn't want to take two identical trikes with him, so we left one at my parents place and brought the other one home. Since it was such a nice day today I thought I would let Jacob have a try on his very first bike ::

::He loved it. Didn't quite get the concept of peddling but he'll get there! ::

:: I love these shots I got of him - he was in his own little world, I just loved watching him ::

:: Cole - Month 5 ::

:: Our little guy seems to be growing up so fast...he is almost crawling, he currently at the rocking back and forth stage and has just started to get that he can put his hands out and actually go somewhere! ::
:: He can also almost sit up all by himself. Sorry for the poor quality of the shots, I'll try and get some better ones over the weekend. But ain't he sweet! ::

:: Gosh, I love him! ::

:: Cupcakes for you... ::

:: Martha Stewart had a week full of her favorite cupcakes a few weeks ago and ever since I have been dying to make some ::

:: Paul has had a super busy week at work and so I figured what better thing to bring to him on a Friday afternoon than a plate full of homemade cupcakes! {his co-workers didn't complain either!} ::

:: Here are some shots of my cup-e-cakes -- I made golden cupcakes and three different types of frosting, lemon, coconut & almond w/ sprinkles ::

:: Jacob was so excited when he finally got to have one, he ate an un-iced cupcake when I was icing the ones for Paul & the gang but what fun is that!?!?! ::

:: Now go and make some cupcakes...just for fun! ::

:: In our Fathers shoes ::

:: Yesterday Paul was out cutting the grass * Jacob was too :: :: Jacob followed closely watching to make sure he was right in stride with Daddy ::
:: "I must follow in Daddies footsteps, cause that's the right way" he was thinking ::
:: "I'm right with ya Dad, don't worry" ::
:: When Daddy got too far away from him he ran to catch up ::
:: And when he couldn't see where Daddy went, he called out for him and waited ::
:: Do we do this with our Heavenly Father? Do you follow in His footsteps daily with each little thing, do you run to catch up to Him, to you make sure you are in perfect stride with His will for you life, when you can't see Him do you call out to Him and wait ::
:: I try to but don't always succeed, or sometimes forget, or get too busy for {how bad, eh?}, but this is just a reminder that He is always there, waiting not too far away, for YOU! ::
:: Have a great day, I'm off to get ready for visitors...done my run, made breakfast for the family and now off to shower up. It's Friday and I have an exciting day tomorrow {more about that later}. Mirëmëngjes {good day} ::


:: YaY ::

:: And they are done. Our taxes have been plaguing me this year. I just wasn't finding the time to get them finished. I like to do most of them myself and make as little work as possible for the accountant (this equals less money spent on accountant bills)::
:: I was almost finished this laborious task on Tuesday night when I hit some funky key combination on my keyboard and lost my whole excel document. Upset was not the word I would use, I was furious. I have never done that before and I continually re-save my work as I go through it to avoid such things from happening. I didn't do anything further that night, heck it was already 12:30 am ::
:: So last night after I got the boys settled into bed, I hit the computer and started from scratch. It's now done and off to the accountant - Yippee ::

:: Clean and Cleaner ::

:: Yesterday while Paul was at a meeting after work, Jacob and I went outside to clean off the driveway from the dirt that was left over from the dismantlement of the root ball. It took us a good 1.5 hours to spray off and sweep the remaining dirt, I mean roots, I mean clay....It was crazy! ::
:: Jacob was a great helper, he personally picked up each rock and washed off the dirt. With his mouth. fabulous. He eventually figured out that dirt don't taste so good ::
:: Once Jacob had fallen into the hole from tree, that was now filled with water he got stripped down and put in the car. I then detailed the car while Jacob opened/closed/open/closed/open/closed the garage and turned every switch, knob, button to the "on" position. It was great fun ::
:: It felt great to clean off the dirty winter grime on the car and vacuum up all the little crumbs that come with having a 22 month old ::
:: To say the least, Jacob slept well! ::

:: Date Night ::

:: I almost forgot to post about our date night last week!!! It was a great night. "NaNa" (Paul's Mum) came to take care of the boys while we went out in search of something good to eat, after we hit the bank to pay a bill (how romantic eh!?!!?). Anyway we wanted to go to a far away land where we could have a nice quiet dinner. Where did we end up you say? Oh, about 3 block from our home...yeah we're into real adventure here! :: :: However you don't have to go South of the Border to get good Mexican food (well, then again maybe you do!). We ended up at "Pepitta's" on Fraser Highway and it was delish ::
:: Bottomless chips and salsa - this reminded me of the days we used to go to Chi Chi's after church at Johnson Heights :::: Paul had the Fajita's -- They were HUGE! ::
:: I was being good -- and had the taco salad, it was delish - I had pulled chicken on top....mmm thinking of it now makes me want to go back! :::: Then we headed to Red Robin for dessert and coffee, yep you got it two restaurants in one night! It was lotsa fun! ::
:: After dessert & coffee we went to Superstore to pick up a few misc. things and then headed home. It was a great night out with my love and I hope to do it again very soon! ::


:: I'm lost...::

::...In digital scrapbooking land. I didn't think I would ever be converted. But with the busy life we lead I just wasn't getting my scrapbooking done, let alone printing out my photos ::

:: So ever since I attended a class my friend Tania put on, on Saturday night - I've been hooked ::

:: There are so many benefits to scrapbooking digitally ::

#1 ~ you don't pay for printing picture and then crop the whole darn thing down

#2 ~ you can do it from your computer, no mess, nothing to clean up - just hit save and come back to it later

#3 ~ there are plenty of "free" digital sites to download things off of

#4 ~ less time working on my photo albums + less money = happy Shawna

:: Here is one of my first pages ::

:: No joke, this page took me less than an hour to arrange and finalize..including the journaling ~ Unbelievable, I'm sold!!! ::
:: Edited to say ::
:: I am using a program that was on our computer when we bought it. It's called Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 ::
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