:: Cupcakes for you... ::

:: Martha Stewart had a week full of her favorite cupcakes a few weeks ago and ever since I have been dying to make some ::

:: Paul has had a super busy week at work and so I figured what better thing to bring to him on a Friday afternoon than a plate full of homemade cupcakes! {his co-workers didn't complain either!} ::

:: Here are some shots of my cup-e-cakes -- I made golden cupcakes and three different types of frosting, lemon, coconut & almond w/ sprinkles ::

:: Jacob was so excited when he finally got to have one, he ate an un-iced cupcake when I was icing the ones for Paul & the gang but what fun is that!?!?! ::

:: Now go and make some cupcakes...just for fun! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

I'd rather just come eat some of those scrumptious ones YOU made...... ;-)

Shawna said...

Don't worry -- You will tomorrow night @ the Party :)

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