:: Island Life ::

:: While on the Island we were able to take in some of the beautiful sites - below are some of my pictures. Our province is a really, really beautiful place and the Island is just one
of those places ::
:: Jacob enjoying the boat ride over ::

:: Paul watching over Jacob ::
:: Baker in the background ::

:: Cole with a very serious face due to the fact that he was not aloud to get out of the stroller like his older brother! ::

:: Plants facing the sun ::
:: Hand painted fabrics ::
:: Walking through town ::
:: Sweet flower baskets ::

:: Fun cars ::

:: Lovely looking shops ::

:: Denay Catherine ::

:: Then just a mere 48 hours after we celebrated my Mom's birthday we received a fabulous phone call from my younger brother Trevor announcing that his wife Christy gave birth to their first child. A little girl! ::

:: Denay Catherine was born on July 10th @ 9:30 pm in the comfort of her very own home (you are one brave girl Christy!) ::
:: The delightful little bundle weighed in @ 7lbs 2 oz and 18 inches long ::
:: Congratulations to the two new parents - T & C, you will be great parents...just you wait! ::

:: Now you are a family of three - T, C & Baby D ::

:: Oi Vey ::

:: Hello All, I'm sorry for the delay & lack of blogging -- not that I have not had a multitude of things to blog about...life has just been crazy! ::

:: So first things first...My Marms birthday -- Last week we celebrated my Mom's birthday, we started off the week by going to see the movie Kit Kitteridge ~ It was such a cute story I absolutely recommend it! ::

:: Then on her actual birthday we went to my parents place to celebrate by having a BBQ and a bon fire w/ schmores and all ::

:: It was a great night filled with lots of laughs and great food ::

:: Trevor & Christy were not able to be there for the celebration as they were waiting for their baby to arrive ::

:: Happy Birthday Marm & now Grammie to 3 little ones! ::

:: Stay tuned for more posts & updates! ::

{Ps. I made that cake for my Mom's birthday and my girlfriend Jamie was at my house and took some shots of it as well for me...you can see the shots here - thanks Jamie for you support and help! }
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