:: Oi Vey ::

:: Hello All, I'm sorry for the delay & lack of blogging -- not that I have not had a multitude of things to blog about...life has just been crazy! ::

:: So first things first...My Marms birthday -- Last week we celebrated my Mom's birthday, we started off the week by going to see the movie Kit Kitteridge ~ It was such a cute story I absolutely recommend it! ::

:: Then on her actual birthday we went to my parents place to celebrate by having a BBQ and a bon fire w/ schmores and all ::

:: It was a great night filled with lots of laughs and great food ::

:: Trevor & Christy were not able to be there for the celebration as they were waiting for their baby to arrive ::

:: Happy Birthday Marm & now Grammie to 3 little ones! ::

:: Stay tuned for more posts & updates! ::

{Ps. I made that cake for my Mom's birthday and my girlfriend Jamie was at my house and took some shots of it as well for me...you can see the shots here - thanks Jamie for you support and help! }


Rachel said...

Good to see your new posts!
You've got to go out and live life to have something to post about anyhow!!!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the wonderful birthday celebrations and the special cake....mcro

Cathy said...

Looks like a very lovely time with family! I love those kinds of days and birthdays are just that much better too!

You made a beautiful cake for your Mom.

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