:: It's Official ::

:: We heard the heartbeat yesterday - so that's as official as we get until the end of May when we have our ultra-sound - Yes, this pregnancy came as a surprise but we couldn't be more delighted and we trust that God has worked out all the details for good. Our little boy will become a big brother when he is 17 months old ::

:: Our GOOD Friday ::

:: We spent our Good Friday with our friends Matt & Lisa and their girls Madelyne & Emma. We started off the day with a fabulous brunch and then decided that we must go outside and enjoy God's Creation! ::
:: My boys ready to walk :::: Jacob looking for his girlfriends :::: We ran into Uncle Ken & Aunty Evie removing some unwanted bushes from their front yard so we had to stop and chat...:::: The Guys & Madelyne pretended to help :) :: :: The Guys walking and Madelyne hitching a ride ::
:: Beautiful Cherry Blossoms and Blue Sky = Nothing better ::
:: Madelyne listening to Uncle Paul from on the other side of the playground ::
:: Madelyne blowing bubbles ::
:: Jacob fell asleep just before we arrived at the park - what a party pooper! :: :: Enjoying a drink @ The Wired Monk ::
:: Yes, yet another self portrait ::
:: Our little Cookie Monster ::
:: Jacob playing out on the deck once we returned home ::

:: Thanks for the great day Matt & Lisa ~ We had a blast! ::

:: Moving...Yes! ::

:: So we are moving on April 19th and up until Thursday you would not have known! I had done absolutely no packing. Until my great friend Lisa called up and said that she had a whole wack load of boxes that her Dad picked up for us from Tim Hortons (Thanks Tom!) and she said I'm going to bring them over and we're going to start packing...Oi!!! My Mom & Dad also dropped by to bring us some packing paper - Thanks Mom & Dad, you saved my china!!! ::
:: In just over 6 hours we had packed up almost all of our decorative stuff (in the whole house), our china cabinet, a portion of the kitchen, our coat closet and storage area - Not bad eh!?!?! We were also taking care of 3 kids under three at the same time! ::
:: Lisa packing up the kitchen ::
:: Our living/dining room completely bare and packed up ::
:: THANKS Lisa - I couldn't have done it without you! ::

:: Our night @ Nana & Papa's ::

:: Mum & Dad enjoying dinner ::
:: Jacob trying to figure out all of Paul's toys from when he was a baby (do you remember that apple!?!?) :::: My yummy plate of Butter Chicken :: :: Our little family enjoying dinner ::
:: Yummy - Strawberry Shortcake :: :: Aunty Jenn & Jacob ::
:: Jacob taking a closer look @ the camera ::
:: Uncle Jamie & Jacob ::
:: The whole family ::


:: Happy Birthday Mum L ::

:: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM & Nana !!! ::
:: Today is Paul's Mum's birthday - we are going over to their place tonight to celebrate this wonderful milestone with her...I'm not sure if she even knows that we're coming over!!! I am making Strawberry Shortcake for dessert and my SIL is making a super yummy recipe of Butter Chicken ~ Should be a great night with the family! ::


:: Palm Springs - Part 10 ::

:: Here is the last post of our journey - on our last night we went to the street fair and had a great time walking around, watching people and sharing a Coldstone Ice cream. Here is Jacob enjoying Daddy's shoulders and letting the world know that apparently he is the king of the castle (ha ha) :: :: One last swim before we packed up - This was the only time Jacob swam in the nude..nothing cuter than a little white bum splashing around! ::
:: Jacob hanging around in the Calgary airport with Daddy, we had a 3 hour layover there ::

:: Jacob and I just about done - our plane was delayed an extra hour...not the easiest thing after an already long day. This photo was taken at 11:00 pm ::
:: That is all folks, now I must get back to the banking and budget part of my day!!! This was a nice little break, but I must get back to work! ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 9 ::

:: Enjoying the pool as a family ::

:: Jacob getting his "water wings" ::

:: "Give me time Daddy, I will come in in my own sweet time" ::

:: "No time for kisses Mama, I must swim" ::

:: "Look at me go, I'm a big boy now...I don't need you, I've got my wings!" ::

:: "I must get my boat, I must, I must" ::

:: Too cool - swimming with Grammie (sorry 'bout your head Grammie) ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 8 ::

:: The sites around Palm Springs ::
:: The Living Desert ::
:: We really enjoyed this zoo, they had some very crazy creatures and a Wild Africa exhibit, where we got to see a giraffe being fed pretty much a foot infront of us! It was great, not to mention the huge train set up they had there (I would hear about it from Paul if I didn't mention that :). Unfortunately our digital ran out of juice about 15 minutes into the zoo - so these are the few pictures we got, all the rest are on film! ::
:: Paul looking for the cheetah :: :: Kudos to my super Paul for this amazing picture! ::

:: Today's To-Do List ::

Well, based on the sun being out for most of the day (based on the weather forecasters) I really don’t want to be cooped up inside – However I have a hefty T0-DO list that I must get started on!

I have not been feeling well the past few days due to this lovely head cold I acquired once we returned from Palm Springs and today is the first day I am actually feeling like myself again, so hopefully I will be able to accomplish what I have set out before me.

Here is my current TO-DO list:

Wrap Gifts (two birthday gifts for family members)
Pay Bills/Organize Budget (what budget!?!!? Just kidding)
Contact B&W Insurance re: New home insurance
Set up “House Reno Binder” (for house samples and pictures)
Pick up a few groceries
Change bedding
Finish Laundry
Organize dinner (hmmm, Tuesday night surprise?)

My parents are arriving home today sometime from their travels to California and back, so I am sure we will be spending some time with them tonight visiting plus we have a meeting with our mortgage broker to finalize the rest of the details for the house.

Some of you have been asking when we are moving - well that lovely day is coming up very quickly, we will be moving out of our current home on April 16/17 into my parents place for a month or so to give us time to do some reno's on our new place prior to moving in. But our actual move day for our furniture etc. to go to the new place will be April 19th. YIKES, better get packing!

Have a great day Ladies and hopefully I’ll get outside to enjoy the sunshine like most of you are!

:: Crazy Weather ::

:: I can't believe that we saw snow yesterday - It was quite the shock to hear on the radio, "and you may be waking up to snow this morning." But yes it was true, we did have snow and here are the pic's to proove it! ::

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