:: What do you think this means? ::

:: I'm sitting on my couch, surrounded by laundry {clean laundry that is!}, and I'm watching "It's Complicated" --- This is where this whole stinkin' post came from! ::

:: Anyway, near the very beginning of the movie there is a shot of the kitchen. I love it! Here it is for your viewing pleasure :::: I love the open shelves ::
:: The faucet, the farm sink, the herbs, the spoons/spatulas/whisks etc. & the wicker rolling blind ::
:: Ugh, and look at the stove! Not to mention the pot rack! The pendant lamps - ooohh la la! :::: And that marble slab island with the mis-matched butcher block cart ::

:: It all just flows, goes together and looks fabulous! Of course realistically the job of maintaining all the herbs, bowls of fruit etc. would be a full time job in itself! ::

:: Okay, so here's the humdinger of it all...I L O V E this kitchen, however I could never live in it...What do you think this means? ::

:: I love it, really I do but I love my kitchen counters clean, un-cluttered with just a few items on them. The look of having all of my dishes {as beautiful as they are} all exposed would give me constant heartburn! ::

:: Here is a quote from the director "Making movies is an accumulation of details" - So true isn't it!??!!? Now if I had that many details in my life, er kitchen...I'm sure at least one item would break a day! Details are great but in small doses {appropriate for small children too!} ::

:: This is really a post full of empty substance, but hope you enjoyed it :) ::

:: Oh, and I found all these pictures in this fabulous article ::


:: Wishing & Dreaming ::

*SideNote: One of the benefits of Mr. L being away is I get full reign of the laptop...which makes blogging so much easier! Continue on to the real purpose of this post ;)

:: Okay, so as I've stated on here before, we both feel most "at home" when we are close to the ocean. I don't know how to explain it, it just feels like home! Well, moving to the bach {let alone Hawaii - one of our dreams} in our lifetime will probably be out of the question plus I don't think they have Plantation style homes on the water in Hawaii! And y'all know how much of a sucker I am for a Plantation style home! I really love Cape Cod style homes...but bottom line I am a sucker for a traditional Plantation home {another reason I think I may be from the South! HA} ::

:: When I was driving through Washington state the other day I saw one of my favorite old homes {not plantation style} up for sale...being the nosy person I am - I came home and looked it up. I found it along with some very reasonably priced homes, just across the border from our home in Canada ::

:: If I could pick a home, close too our families {not in Hawaii}, right on the sea, this would be it..close enough to home, yet far enough away - the benefits of both worlds! ::

:: I just drool every time I see these photos from this site - Click on photos for larger view :::: Here is the exterior - bah, how I love it! :::: The library or one of the bedrooms - look at those floors! :::: This kitchen, it's a beauty! :::: Upstairs hallway :::: The kids bathroom :::: Front Porch overlooking Birch Bay ::

:: This shot of the front porch really shows you the depth and length of the porch, isn't it amazing!?!? ::

:: So here are the statistics on this house ::
Built in 2006
2858 square feet
on 0.24 acre {10,000 square feet of land}
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms

:: And all that {including the ocean view and direct access to the beach} for the bargain price of $595,000 - now in all seriousness, that is a serious deal in this area! ::

:: Ahhh, now back to dreamin' :) ::

:: What to do...What to do??? ::

:: Mr. L just left on a trip with some of his buddies for the weekend. I'm here with lot's of plans but no real direction. There are so many things that I could do to fill my time - Plus the weather man says that it's supposed to be super sunny and hot this weekend so maybe doing more of this!?!? :::: Now, I do have a few things planned for the weekend as I have a wedding, baby & birthday to celebrate, but other than that...I don't know what to do! ::

:: Here is the list that's running through my mind ::

*Paint our room - I bought the paint months ago and I could probably get the job done while he's away...however the kids and everything else would probably go to pot!
* Paint the shed trim & patio trim
* Cut the lawn
* Weed the back gardens
* Finish organizing the basement...this project was started earlier in the week and is still partially finished or started {however you want to look at it!}
* Scrapbook our lives over the past 3 years! Ha!
* Update the blog {check - doing that now..sort of!}* Coupon clip...my latest addiction
* Organize father's days gifts - I hate feeling unorganized for events such as this!
* Fold/Iron/Put away laundry {my least desired chore}
* Clean the upstairs bathrooms, I think I can hear them calling my name!
* Sit straight ahead and watch "Say Yes to the Dress" all night long
* Put together my BeautiControl order
* Balance the budget and pay bills
* Re-organize the garage {why does this seem like a bi-weekly chore?!!?}

:: I know, don't all of these things sound so very inviting!?!?!? To say the least, I want to get caught up on some things that have been plaguing me since the beginning of Spring and now it's almost Summer - I better start knocking these things off my list! ::

:: At any rate TGIF - And hopefully I'll be able to update you with finished projects from this weekend!!!! Here's to a great weekend and a ton of accomplishments! ::


:: Our last week...and a bit ::

:: We've been busy little people over the last week and a bit -here are a few pictures of what we've been celebrating in our lives... ::

:: One of Paul's cousins, Stephanie married her fiance of a year in a beautiful ceremony in Abbotsford ::

:: We celebrated our little big boys 4th birthday, with not one, but two Mickey themed birthday parties + a school party! ::

:: Then we went to a big family shindig to celebrate my Dad's Mom's 90th birthday. It was a huge gathering of our family from far and wide. Which meant that we got to have some good visiting time in with T, C & D from the Island...this time is coveted that's for sure! Unfortunately my Nanny {my Marm's Mom} had a tumble just after the party and broke her arm in two different places. She has yet to have surgery so is just sitting in the hospital room awaiting her blood numbers to go up. So if you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer for her it would be greatly appreciated! ::

:: And last but not least we have been gardening in preparation for Summer to arrive...Seriously, it has yet to arrive here and boy am I ready! And apparently so are my peonies! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Y'all...we're off to school this morning and running some errands, but Mr. Sun is out so it looks like today is rounding out to be a good one already! ::
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