:: 6 Month Photo Shoot Cont ::

:: Happy 6 Months Jacob ::

:: Happy birthday to my wee son - I can't believe it was just 6 months ago that he entered into our world, my how the time flies! I did shed a little tear the other day when he was worming around on the floor trying to get to Daddy's magazines in the coffee table - He is just growing up far too fast :: Dr. Dobson has become my new best friend in trying to deal with the overwhelming thoughts of raising Jacob (and any other children) up to be Godly individuals - it is a truly overwhelming thought but as long as I take it one day at a time I figure all will work out for good! ::
:: Here are some 6 month pictures that I took of Jacob just prior to dinner ::

:: Update ::

I spoke with Erika (from North Eleven) this morning to arrange a time to meet and pick up all of our furniture and linens. While I was on the phone with her she asked me if we would take the picture that is in the boys room if it were $20.00 - I had originally asked how much she would take for the picture and she said $50.00 minimum as they paid $125.00 for it originally.

It is really quite big (which I like) and I loved it but I thought that $50.00 wasn't a steal of a deal, so I thought I would let it go. But $20.00, I don't think I can pass it up!

What do you think?

:: Great Deals = Great Blessings ::

:: My sister-in-law Jennifer (Paul's Sis) works for a property management company and gets the "in" on a lot of the display suite furniture and decorations in the display homes. So yesterday when I received an email from her saying that North Eleven Developments was clearing out two of their West Van homes I was in! ::
:: I know it's just Ikea stuff - but heck if I can get it for cheap without tax - It's much better than buying brand new! ::
:: I wanted the chair in this room for our family room - Erika (the girl from North Eleven) said it had a stain on the arm so she would just give it to me!?!?!? It's not like this is a really cheap chair - It's not expensive but not cheap! The chair is called Tullsta and goes for $149.00! And I can more than likely get the stain out with my super-mom techniques aka. Oxi-Clean :)
:: She is selling these prints for $44.00/print - Good deal but not out of this world, the round back chairs in this photo she had already sold by the time I had spoken to her but she was selling them for $150.00/chair - I love them! ::
:: Now here is the most amazing deal - I had originally just called Erika to find out about the bedding - I thought it would be great to use on my old white bed as Jacob's "big boy bed". She said that she could sell me the duvet, duvet cover, sheets, pillow shams & decorative pillows for $50.00 - I'll take it! She said to me "It's just Ikea stuff - I'm sure they still have it in stock" - so I thought to myself, yeah I should probably check Ikea and see how much they sell it for. The pillow shams and duvet cover alone is $79.00 new - this stuff hasn't been used it's just been sitting in a display suite for 6 months --- I'll take it! ::
:: Okay, so if you thought the bedding was a good deal, you won't believe this deal ::
:: So when I was arranging a time to pick up my goods with Erika, she said "are you sure you don't see anything else that you want?" - I asked about a few other things but they were not in my price range (patio furniture - $180.00/chair) so I politely declined. She then said that the boys bedroom furniture was still not spoken for - so I asked how much she would sell it for, she said $180.00 for everything (dresser/side table/bed/mattress/chair) - I told her that we didn't really need it and so I again declined. She then sweetened the deal by saying "would you take it for $150.00?" - What?!?!? Did you say $150.00!!?!??! Um, I'll have to call my husband and see what he thinks. I call Paul - he doesn't answer. So I call my Mom (in T.O.) and see if she wants to buy Jacob a $150.00 bedroom suite for Christmas - Their in, they say yes (the original plan was to buy him a bookshelf). So I call Erika back and tell her I will take it! ::
:: Here is the cost of everything from Ikea ::
Double Bed (Aspelund) :: $199.00
Double Mattress (Sultan Fageras) :: $149.00
Side Table (Aspelund) :: $59.00
2 Drawer Dresser (Aspelund) :: $129.00
Chair (Lenna) :: $199.00
Duvet Cover & Shams (Tyra Blad) :: $79.00
Duvet (Mysa Mane) :: $59.00
Sheets (Villa) :: $34.00
:: Total Retail Cost - $907.00 without tax ::
:: What we payed $200.00 (no tax) ::
:: Thank you Lord for watching out for us! Even though this stuff will be in storage for a year or so, I don't think I would have found a better deal anywhere! ::


:: Snow Day cont ::

:: Mom here is a few more for you :) ::
:: Jacob and I playing @ Starbucks ::

:: Jacob watching the snow ::

:: Before Christmas arrived at our home ::

:: After Christmas arrived ::

(I love my new stocking holders they spell out P E A C E)

:: Snow Day #2 ::

:: These pictures are pretty self explanitory! They are a mixture of the night of the big snowfall and the next morning heading out to the local Starbucks...thank goodness for a nice warm Starbucks on a cold & snowy day! ::

:: Walking through the Plaza just behind our house - these were taken just after midnight ::

:: More to come ::

:: Snow Day # 1 ::

:: Saturday it started to snow but it wasn't sticking yet - little did we know what would come our way! :::: We took care of Haden and Faith for the day - so we decided to make a Gingerbread house :::: Later that night we went over to Blair & Cara's to watch Sydney -
Here we are watching the snow fall ::
:: Sydney being her cute self ::

:: The Progression of the Crawl ::

:: Jacob has started the first stages of crawling - I can't believe it is happening already! ::

:: :Lindsey's Graduation ::

::Lindsey graduated from UBC with her bach. in Education - this is her second degree she has her first one in Science from SFU - Congratulations Lindsey! ::
:: Here are Lindsey's parents waiting to see Linds ::
:: Auntie Lindsey, Jacob & Me ::
:: The Chan Center on UBC Campus ::
:: Jordan & Lindsey ::

:: Thanks for inviting us Auntie Linds - We were so happy to celebrate with you ::


:: Crash ::

:: On Friday Paul was in a terrible car accident -- The MPV was turning across two lanes of traffic and Paul was in the inside lane and in the lane beside him was the civic. The blue van is Paul's - If you can believe it, his air bags didn't go off! But thankfully he is okay and everyone one was able to walk away from the crash - The police wrote a ticket to the MPV driver for taking an unsafe left turn in front of Paul and the civic ::

:: Retirement dinner ::

My Dad has officially retired from the VPD and we went to his retirement dinner on November 16th - Here are the pictures we go from the night. It was truly surreal to see my Dad retire!
:: Uncle Jordan, Auntie Lindsey & Jacob :: :: Paul, Jacob & I ::
:: The Chief, My Daddy & Steve ::
:: Mom, Jordan & Lindsey chatting ::
:: Trev, Christy & Paul ::
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