: Insta Friday :

This is a fly by post today, I'm home for an hour {now only a half hour} then I'm off back to Jacob's school for the rest of sports day...but in the meantime here's our week in intagram photos

Jacob playing tug of war at his sports day this morning :: He's on the yellow mustang team
 Outfit of the day today :: sporting the yellow for the yellow mustangs
 During my summer planning session in the afternoon I came across this quote in my Erin Condren planner :: Love it!
 Went and visited this little {big} guy at the beach the poor little hump back didn't make, he died on White Rock Beach
These white beauties were blooming behind our house on a walk the boys and I took the other day, you should smell them :: AMAZING!
 Beautiful little things in a jar can often times distract me ;)
 Marm & I had coffee at this sweet little coffeehouse, literally a coffee-house
 Marm & her latte
 mmmm....coffee love!
 Got to spend a girls day here - Hampton styled resort, great friends, great lunch!
 My very first peony :: I'm in love!
Outfit of the day on Wednesday
 Beautiful beach trail
 Friends we caught up with at the beach, great to run into you A&A!
 Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie - he's 26!
Grass stained knees
 Beautiful $5 flowers from Trader Joes
 Hamptons meets country :: trying to choose paint colors
 Solo trip grocery shopping :: Bliss!
 Dear sweet soul that bought my coffee one day :: Love you Jessi!
 Early morning conversations with this little dude
 Eye lashes I envy!
 Oh there you are Mr. Sunshine!
 Greek yogurt & fresh blueberries :: Yum!
 And that's it {phew!} :: Now we're off to the rest of sports day and maybe a stop by McD's for an ice cream treat after!  

Happy Friday & Happy Father's Day! 


: Today :

We have had a crazy week, all of us caught a bad cold and we've been trying to fight it off.  Mr. L stayed home from work for two days which was nice but I've been trying to catch up on rest and that doesn't really work when you're a Mama to busy little boys and when life is full!  

So today the littlest and I are hanging out with a pile of pillows and his favorite stuffies
I'll be doing less lounging on the pillows than him but it's sure nice to just be home with no plans to go out except to walk to pick up the biggest boy from school this afternoon. 

Enjoy your day Lovelies! 

Oh, and if you're wanting to get on your home organization binder here is the link to mine that I posted last Summer with all the links to the {free} printable pages :: Enjoy! 



: Jacob's 6th Birthday :

Back in the first week of June we celebrated Jacob's 6th Birthday.  It was a flight party and we were ready for take off!  I am anti-character parties {at least for my kids} I don't mind if they do basic parties with themes, for example: trains {we're pro @ doing train birthdays}, teddy bears, ducks etc.  but not specific characters like Thomas etc. So this flight party was right up my alley!  

{Warning!  Photo overload!}

Here's the invite to all of his guests
The  front entrance with his current photo along with his treats for each guest
Here are all his friends from his "kids" party :: this afternoon was slightly crazy and I was zapped from all the party prep, kids, food, cakes :: But it was all worth it, JJ came home from school and wouldn't stop squealing about how great everything looked, he noticed every little detail which makes it all worth it!
 Random details from the parties {same set up for both the kids party and family party
 My boy got two cakes {lucky bum!} but unfortunately with all the mayhem of the kids party I neglected to get a photo with my nikon, so here is his second cake from the family party
 Here is Jacob with Grammie & GG {great grandma}
 Daddy & Uncle Jamie doing kitchen work {can't mess with the chef!}
 Grandpa & Papa chilling on the deck :: Thank the Lord for a sunny afternoon!
 Birthday boy in front of the original birthday sign, hoping it lasts through all their growing up years...this is a tradition in our home!
 Opening gifts with Daddy
We got JJ his first baseball glove and ball, he's very excited to start to use it or learn to use it ;)
 Couldn't resist posting this shot of cousin Jack, he was so excited that the sweets were out and cotton candy eating could commence!
 Our family :: Jacob wasn't too sure of the whole sparklers vs. candles on the cake...he tried to be brave but r e a l l y hates fire - ha ha!
And last but not least the thank you's to all the guests for coming to his party
Such a great time of celebration for a beautiful little being that we get to share our lives with! 
On the morning of his birthday I posted this on Instagram the first photo of him and the most current photo on our bed opening presents on the morning of his actual day
Happy Birthday JJ -- We love you a bushel and a peck! 
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