: Insta Friday :

This is a fly by post today, I'm home for an hour {now only a half hour} then I'm off back to Jacob's school for the rest of sports day...but in the meantime here's our week in intagram photos

Jacob playing tug of war at his sports day this morning :: He's on the yellow mustang team
 Outfit of the day today :: sporting the yellow for the yellow mustangs
 During my summer planning session in the afternoon I came across this quote in my Erin Condren planner :: Love it!
 Went and visited this little {big} guy at the beach the poor little hump back didn't make, he died on White Rock Beach
These white beauties were blooming behind our house on a walk the boys and I took the other day, you should smell them :: AMAZING!
 Beautiful little things in a jar can often times distract me ;)
 Marm & I had coffee at this sweet little coffeehouse, literally a coffee-house
 Marm & her latte
 mmmm....coffee love!
 Got to spend a girls day here - Hampton styled resort, great friends, great lunch!
 My very first peony :: I'm in love!
Outfit of the day on Wednesday
 Beautiful beach trail
 Friends we caught up with at the beach, great to run into you A&A!
 Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie - he's 26!
Grass stained knees
 Beautiful $5 flowers from Trader Joes
 Hamptons meets country :: trying to choose paint colors
 Solo trip grocery shopping :: Bliss!
 Dear sweet soul that bought my coffee one day :: Love you Jessi!
 Early morning conversations with this little dude
 Eye lashes I envy!
 Oh there you are Mr. Sunshine!
 Greek yogurt & fresh blueberries :: Yum!
 And that's it {phew!} :: Now we're off to the rest of sports day and maybe a stop by McD's for an ice cream treat after!  

Happy Friday & Happy Father's Day! 


happymomlori said...

I have noticed those white flowers around my neighborhood too - I've always wondered what they are called - beautiful, strong fragrance; reminds me of jasmine.

Christy said...

I love all of these!!

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