:: Weather Warp ::

:: Today is a bit of a weather warp...I'm loving the Summer, but ohhhh, I'm longing for the Fall ::

:: This is me sitting on my couch web-shopping. Watching the rain pour outside on a very chilly Summer day in August ::
:: Today has been a lovely day thus far, Mr. L got up with the boys, made the typical Saturday morning cinnamon buns and coffee and let me sleep in and BBM with my friends -- shhhh, don't tell him! I woke up to all the boys already dressed ready to head out the door to go to Toys R US and to pick up a movie for both us and the boys. What a treat for me, getting to do my own thing with no boys around...even if I did have to clean up the kitchen ;) ::

:: As I'm sitting here on the couch web-shopping I'm truly feeling like I'm in a bit of a weather warp because I want to shop for things like this:

:: Franco Sarto Riding Boots to wear with leggings or skinny jeans ::
:: LuLu's Savasana Wrap Jacket to wear with some skinny jeans tucked into the FS riding boots, sipping an 1/2 caf americano from *bucks...ohhhh me, ohhh my! ::
:: And wouldn't these just be super cute for a Christmas dinner? Ahhhh, just a little Christian Louboutin temptation! ::

:: But due to a vacation coming down the pipe sooner than later, I'm also wanting to shop for SALES on these types of things:

:: I've desired {obviously not needed} this watch for a few years now..and the desire isn't going away any time soon! I'm a sucker for white! ::

:: Cute 'lil slip on thongs from Tarje in rose gold ::
:: Or these cute knock off's also from Tarje for a super great deal compared to the originals ::
:: Or even these made by Reef - so cute and practical ::

:: But lets be real, these are the ones I REALLY want, but seriously cannot justify the price tag! But oh, Tory Burch...I love thee! :::: And look at this sweet dress from Charlotte Russe, I may just have to get me this little one and pack it away...for a month or two ::

:: Any guesses as to where we are going? ::

:: Hope y'all are having a great Saturday too! ::

Xo :: *S


:: Summertime, it can be full of action, or just lazing around the house...both things to me mean Summer. I love it, I love seeing my kids enjoy their friends over something as simple as an ice cream cone ::

:: So if you're in the area, in need of some Summertime love, I'm sure we've got an ice cream cone for you too! ::

:: Savor the last of the Summer, because it's sure to swiftly run away! ::


:: Tim & Lacey Wed ::

:: Back about a month ago we attended the wedding of Tim & Lacey. It was a beautiful day with lots of details that reminded me of our wedding day! ::

:: Here are some of the shots I took from the ceremony ::

:: Lacey & her Father Grant, just before he gave her away ::

:: Tim willingly accepting her ::

:: Vowing their forevers ::

:: Once the ceremony wrapped up we headed straight out to the farm {Lacey's Parent's Farm} to set up the cake ~ Brides special request, a Rice Krispie Cake with Strawberries & Chocolate sauce...apparently it's Tim's favorite dessert ::
:: The details of the white flowers in all the different containers were beautiful, placed on the burlap and yellow plaid table clothes, it was beautiful! The details were all so well done - it was my kinda decor! ::

:: Here are some photo's of our friends from the reception ::

:: We had a lovely time dancing well into the night, what a great bash you threw Tim & Lacey...thanks for getting hitched, can we do it again next year ;) ::


:: Summer Lovin' ::

:: Boy oh Boy! I can't believe we're already into August! Seriously, where has the time gone!??!!? ::

:: We've certainly been enjoying the summer weather we've had around here, however the past 24 hours has been less than lovely...can you say H U M I D I T Y! ::

:: Here is JJ enjoying a treat at Maddy's birthday party by the lake ::

:: We've spent SO much time in the motor home and out celebrating life with friends and family, it's been a record summer for us -- we've had a few firsts but just lots of family time ::

:: This is the valley where we've spent so many of our summer days ::

:: I can't believe that in just a few short weeks we'll be back from another vacation and gearing up to start school, which means Fall, and you all know how much I LOVE Fall!!! That means anniversary celebration, cranberry creek, a family trip and lots lots more, SO EXCITING! ::

:: Here's Cole enjoying summer too..can't really get him to be quiet or smile for a photo, he doesn't get the concept of "CHHEEEESE" - he just ignores me and keeps on chatting! ::
:: Hope y'all are having a delightful summer full of BBQ, watermelon and family fun! ::

:: XO, *S ::

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