:: On this very Fallish Day ::

:: All I really want to be doing is sitting on the couch with a huge fire going with a cup of hot something-or-other and reading this ::: I got a bag full of books from my friend Laura last night as I have read all of the books I own and most of the ones that I'm interested in from the Library multiple times. So I couldn't resist but crack the bind of this Karen Kingsbury Classic last night...I'm already 1/4 of the way through ::
:: However after I post this I am going to continue on my "quest to nest" and finish up some invoicing for Paul, do some filing, hang some pictures, finish the laundry and maybe even make a batch of cookies ::

:: Have a Wonderfully Blustery Day! ::

:: Home-making ::

:: Since I am expecting this baby any day now I have felt the need to add more "home" to our house ::
:: We have a huge sliding glass door in our family room (almost 8 feet across) and currently we don't have any window dressings on it. Putting a blind on it would cost far too much plus I really don't like blinds. What I really want to do is install double french doors out to the patio but that isn't in the budget either! During the summer to warm up the porch I hung these drapes that cost me all of $20.00 from JYSK http://jysk.ca - They did exactly what I wanted them to do, but now with winterizing our yard and everything, those drapes are going to come down until better weather comes around again.
:: So yesterday I went out in search of new drapes that would suite our ever-so-large window :::: This is what I found @ JYSK for $80.00 (taxes in and a black basket for toiletries in our washroom) not too bed eh??? ::
:: The rod assembly cost $18.94 - I had to buy two rods to make enough length to cover our window ::
:: And I got these two panels that will give us privacy from the outside when pulled shut. They were $24.00/pannel. I have never had grommets in my drapes but I have always loved them...so I'm happy that I have them as I think it suites the room - Thanks Mom for bearing with me and helping me make my drapery decision! :: :: I'll update ya'll once I get them up - hopefully tonight :) ::


:: Did I tell you??? ::

... I am a horrible Mother - Okay maybe that's an exaggeration!
If I could have taken pictures of this memorable event I would have however time did not allow.
The other day Paul was home for lunch (which is quite uncommon) and I had just put Jacob down for his afternoon nap.
We didn't hear anything from him until we heard the loudest bang echo throughout the house - I, in my very pregnant way run okay maybe more like gallop up the stairs to open Jacob's bedroom door to see his dresser on it's side with him squished between the top and bottom drawers.
What do you do first pick up the dresser or remove the child? Well, thankfully Paul was right behind me so I picked up the dresser and he grabbed Jacob....don't ask me why I got the heavier part of the deal!?!?!
At any rate, we soothed the shocked child - then we dicsiplined him for getting out of bed and for standing up in his drawer. Poor kid didn't know what hit him...well, truth be known, we don't know what hit him - the only marks he had from the whole traumatizing event was a mark on the corner of his left eye. For everything that fell on him: books (6), lamp, radio, basket of diapers, wipes and a tray he came out rather unscathed!
So after the discipline, a cuddle and a new sippy cup we put him back in bed. A few minutes later we hear him in his bedroom so I go upstairs and the kid is in his drawer again! So we discipline him again and remove the drawers so we don't have a repeat performance. We're first time parents and slow learners - obviously!
Since this event his drawers have been sitting on the floor and we haven't had any trouble with him getting into anything in his room, or even out of his bed....however he has now started to climb our shelves in our bathroom, does it ever stop!?!?!


Dontcha just love Fall? I do...it's such an amazing time of year...leaves changing, birds flying for warmer climates, all those fun fall foods.

I can't get enough of it!

I took this photo as we passed by Northview Golf & Country Club on Friday -- it is picture perfect!
{ Punkin's in a Pumpkin Patch }
:: We had a super fun fall afternoon yesterday with the Baker's at the pumpkin patch it was so much fun to see Jacob and Madelyne run around and get so super excited about the pumpkins - all most as excited as their Daddies ::
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:: Thanks to Lisa.B for the pictures...I'm still looking for my USB cable -- good thing is I cleaned out a cupboard looking for it today, bad thing...it wasn't in that cupboard! ::

:: Date Night ::

:: Here we are just before we headed Downtown for our date night :::: We got stuck in horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE traffic on the way into town -- It was great for taking photo's but not so good for our plans :::: We had reservations @ The Stone Grill for 5:30 pm but unfortunately we didn't make it into town until 6:30 pm (we left home at 4:30) so we decided to go to the Imax first as we didn't want to rush dinner :: :: We had an hour to spare before heading into the Imax, it was the perfect excuse to have a Starbucks treat! Any excuse is a good one for Starbucks in my books! :::: Here we are lookin' ever so cute in our 3D glasses :) ::
:: We enjoyed an incredible dinner at the Stone Grill - you choose your entree and they bring it out as it's cooking on a piece of lava granite...it was so cool and delish! Paul had steak (gag me) and I had stuffed chicken...he said his was amazing - I believe him, cause mine was awesome too! ::

:: Thanks Jordan & Lindsey for the fabulous Christmas gift - we truly enjoyed it! ::

:: Would if I could ::

I am back to reality from a long - Well what seemed long, weekend.
I have pictures to share and events to update ya'll with, but blogger won't let me post my pictures....SO ya'll have to wait.
I'm not going to waste my breath on writing anything unless I can post the pictures along with it. I know that a story or event isn't half as fun without the pictures -- but once blogger is up I will be sure to post all the fun stuff from this past weekend!
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