| I'm a FOMO |

I'm a FOMO // I don't think this is actually an acronym in real life but it's a real one in my life. 

You know what it means?  Once you hear what it means, you'll be like...OH!!! Yeah, I'm totally that person!  Or you'll be like...OH!!!! That's totally Shawna ;-)

F O M O // Fear Of Missing Out

Living in a social media world there is plenty that I see that I'm not part of that I "miss out on" -- not that I was even invited but woosh, that feeling or pang of "I would love to be there, to do that...etc"

For example, two of my friends took their daughters to get their ears pierced yesterday; one was her first holes the other was her third or fourth...but the overwhelming feeling to go and pierce something came over me. 

I may or may not have gone upstairs to see if my belly piercing was still able to receive the stud.  For your information it was completely able.  Shock and awe I know! 

It wasn't that I want to have a daughter to go get something pierced with..that actually didn't even cross my mind until I started writing this post. It's just about "ooooh, I love piercing...what else can I pierce?!" {I can hear my parents cringing as they read this! LOL}

While I live my life and do what I love when I want to, I end up missing out on other things that are going on.  For instance when we are on our family camping trip this august I will miss a baby shower and a wedding shower.  I'm SO sad to be missing out on these events; not that I won't be so happy to be away with my family doing our own thing but just that I'm sad I'll be missing out. 

I'm a total FOMO 

All this came to mind while I prepared the gifts to drop off to the appropriate locations for both parties.  I'm so so sad not to be everywhere I want to be when I want to.  See, cause ideally I would be camping and at the showers & visiting with out of town guests.  But realistically I have to choose one over the other and at the end of the day I'm perfectly happy knowing I've done my best to show my love to the couples parties I'm missing out on.  I don't think my absence will be missed; I'm just a FOMO. 

As I've aged my FOMO-ness has relaxed.  I want to do it all, be it all, make it all -- that's just my nature.  Realistically I just end up double booking myself all over the place and nobody {especially my Mr.} is happy.  

So I'm content to wrap up these gifts and send my note of FOMO sorriness along with the gift.  Maybe I've turned into a SFOMO -- Sometimes Fear Of Missing Out..because realistically my family are the ones that are at the top of the chain for me; and that's exactly where they should be. 

It's okay to miss out on things that are important to me because making memories for my boys is what's more important right now.  

Thanks to having majorly talented friends to whip together sweet little gifts // my friend Olga made a delightful hat for my sweet second cousin that is about to arrive..{I'm a sucker for great packaging too // makes my life that much easier!}

Off I go to deliver these gifts and to let go of my FOMO-ness ;-) 



| Camping Traditions |

Summertime is in full swing and we have been out-and-about quite a fair amount this summer. 

We have done a solo trip {sans kids} to Harrison lake.. 
Since it was such a beautiful place to rest we returned home for 5 days only to return back to Harrison lake with the boys...
We also had a family wedding that we attended in Washington state last weekend and we were lucky enough to have stayed in a beautiful little resort, again {thanks to G&G} sans kids. 
We are again packing up {this time not in a tent or a lovely ocean side resort} in my parent's trailer {camping with class or glam = fondly known as "glamping"} -- We are off to Port Townsend, WA...it's an idyllic spot for camping, it's seaside, it's basically in our backyard and it's tradition. 

Truthfully tradition has a lot to do with what we do in our house, both of us are sappy sentimentalists and love doing & going to the same places every year.  

At any rate I'm the one that does the planning and preparation for these *ahem* "vacations" -- yes, now that our babies really aren't babies it's much easier to "vacate" and rest but it's still quite a bit of work to pack up and make sure we don't forget any of these special items...some of which are traditions.  

So today it was the first day of preparations; cookie baking.  
We don't always make the same cookie recipe; usually it goes between three different recipes.  The nestle toll house recipe, monster cookie recipe and this recipe for dad's cookies.
For this recipe {as for almost all of my recipes} I just throw everything in the mixing bowl and mix it up.  I don't follow any of the directions and bake at 350 degrees.
Since Mr. L is working for all the vacation prep I depend on lists, lots of lists to get us ready to vacate.  This is the best way to ensure there isn't any spending on food or things we already have at home.  This morning I came down to find my list vandalized by a little man in my house..
Better be sure we don't forget the most important items "guns" & "cookies" too sweet! Ps. both items were already on the list(s) the little man just didn't realize that list he added them to was "boys clothes" ;-)

Hope you're having a great summer and not getting too exhausted from the preparation to have fun & vacate ;-) 

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