:: Palm Springs - Part 7 ::

:: Paul and Jacob relaxing at the house :: :: Some nectarines from Shields Date Farm ::
:: Dates at the Shields Date Farm ::
:: The "Date Palms" at Shields Date Farm ::
:: My Boys at the date farm ready to have a taste of a "Date Shake" ::
:: And still, more to come...to be continued ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 6 ::

:: More pictures from Catalina Spas - It was beautiful to see the sun set...we were not able to see the sun set at the house we were in and I really missed it! :::: My Dad, Uncle Ron & Paul looking at some old cars in a guys lot just outside of Catalina Spas ::
:: Amazing Plant/Cactus thing ::
:: Going for a walk through the park ::
:: Sunset ::
:: yup, still more to come...don't know if I'll get much more done though, Jacob just woke up from his nap! ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 5 ::

:: My Little Lemon-head ::
:: My beautiful (not so little) babe ::
:: Dinner with my Aunt Shirley & Uncle Ron @ Catalina Spas - they have been down in Desert Hot Springs since mid November (lucky retired peoples) - we had a great dinner with them in their 5th wheel! I couldn't believe that she actually did a roast - It was amazing! Thanks for having us in! ::
:: Here is a picture of the park where my Aunt & Uncle stay - Must be tough eh! ::
:: Do I need to say it again...more coming! ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 4 ::

:: The many faces of Jacob while he is enjoying a cookie ::
:: This is his latest face - we call it the "funny face", he always bursts into a smile after the very serious look that he's giving here ::
:: Jacob & I enjoying an early morning swim while Paul was out golfing ::
:: Jacob hanging out with Grampy at Ruby's in Palm Desert ::
:: Oh, just wait, there is still more to come! ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 3 ::

:: Our very own lemon tree - In the yard of the house we stayed at there was this beautiful (very fruitful) lemon tree...we smelt the sweet nectar of the flowers every time the wind blew through the yard. It was amazing! :: :: My Boys playing in the pool - Jacob turned out to be a real fish by the end of the trip ::
:: Some beautiful flowers that were right by my head when I was sunning....that's the only reason I took a picture of them, the camera was close and so were they :) ::
:: Jacob enjoying the pool and Daddy dropping water on his tummy ::
:: Jacob's set up - we were able to set up the jolly jumper outside under the patio and then set up a little t.v./dvd player on a chair in front of him. So if he was bored with watching us swim he could just move himself around to the t.v. and enjoy his movie. ::

:: Still more to come... ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 2 ::

:: One of our first stops in P.S. was Costco - now you know you're in P.S. when they have a Cadillac Golf Cart for sale...I believe it was selling for $1700.00! I stand corrected: Paul informed me that it was actually $13,000.00 for this crazy little golf cart!!!! :: :: Jacob taking his turn at the wheel ::
:: Paul along with my Uncle and Dad went to this beautiful canyon called Indian Canyon. I stayed home with my Aunt, Mom & Jacob - It was too hot for a hike. This day ended up breaking records - it was 110 degrees! I was very thankful we didn't go, my Dad ended up having heat stroke from the hike mixed with a golf game ::

:: Beautiful sites...but I'll be back with more pictures of us ::

:: Palm Springs - Part 1 ::

:: Jacob enjoying the in-flight t.v.'s :: :: Jacob enjoying the view ::
:: Me, enjoying the sleeping baby ::
:: We have ARRIVED ::
:: Our first sighting of the beautiful palm trees ::
:: More pictures to come...hang tight! ::

:: Yes, Yes, we're back! ::

:: Sorry ever-so-diligent blog readers...since we have been back life has just taken off! So, I will be going to get my camera and some lunch and I will download our trip and update all of you on the wonderful vacation we had! ::
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