Unto the Lamb

:: During this Easter, I pray the very reason we celebrate Easter is close to your heart and that you are aware what our Saviour, the Lamb did for you. I know I am! ::

:: I'm almost ready to celebrate the Sabbath with my family, one bathroom to clean, a few more clothes to iron and another batch of Paska to put in the oven ::

:: Ps. I heard this song about a year ago - it's simply overwhelmingly touching to me ::


:: Vacation Tips ::

:: Hey Y'all! Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been ankle deep in planning for our Absolute Adoration conference (more on that later), plus doing cakes, planning family events, let alone dealing with the daily grind. Life is busy! ::

:: At any rate, I writing this post for your opinion...Paul and I want to get away on just a short little trip aka meaning a cheap trip. We will not be taking our kids on this trip, it's just for Paul and I. So we're thinking of Vegas. Neither of us have been to Vegas, and figure that it would be a good mixture of Sun, Shopping, Sights & Relaxation ::

:: This is where you come in -- Have you been to Vegas, if so, what is your opinion of Vegas? ::

:: Be honest, I've heard many people say "Vegas is great, but" - bear in mind that we don't have much moola to spend and Vegas would hit the spot as we would probably stay with one of Paul's friends that lives there, which would mean hitting up a show or two! ::

:: I'm open to hearing about the hotel you stayed at, the shows you went to, the places you ate and the best spots in town ::

:: Thanks for all your help! ::

:: XO - *S ::
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