:: My Day Today ::

:: While the "Great Tree Take-down" was happening, I was at Amanda & Jordan's taking pictures of her still pregnant body (she's due on Thursday - that is the truth, no lie, I know she looks too good, but it's the truth. Deal with it!) ::
:: I wish I could have chosen a few key shots, but she was such a good subject and Baby Fro was very accommodating so I just had to post almost all of my favorites ::
:: The baby belly - I think this one is truly one of my fav's :::: Can you feel the love? :: :: Beautiful belly ::
:: Beautiful Amanda ::
:: Watch the baby move ::
:: Isn't it amazing!?! ::
:: What contentment ::
:: Isn't she fabulous!?!?! ::

:: Just waiting ::

:: This was taken in front of a red wall in her kitchen, it was a great place to shoot ::
:: I love the detail shots :: :: The reflection off her kitchen table ::
:: Her wedding ring set on the belly against the red wall ::
:: Almost cooked ::
:: Waiting... ::

:: Thanks Amanda & Jordan, I had a great time and Amanda you are amazingly beautiful. I still can't believe it's almost time! ::
:: Hope you enjoy your shots ::

:: Our Saturday (The Great Tree Take-down) ::

:: We had a crazy day today -- this has been a on-going project to remove said tree in this picture. It has been the bain of Paul's existence since we moved in almost a year ago. He hated (yah, hated) that pine tree...I kinda liked it but I guess I'm a tree hugger :: :: Paul got the approval of city hall and we were on our way to chopping it down ::
:: My proud-tree-cutting-man-with-more-hair-on-chest-for-cutting-tree-down (with the help of the hitch on the back of my van and me driving...is he crazy!?!?) ::
:: Finishing pruning the last smaller branches. For the last two weeks it has been a bare tree, no branches just a crooked naked tree ::
:: This is what I left the boys doing (nothing like a man and his toys - Tony came over to lend a truck, I mean hand) ::
:: And this is what I arrive home to ::

:: Look at that hole! ::

:: This has been an on-going tree-take down. We started the process at the beginning of February and it's just down now. But it's down now, and I just have a big hole in our side yard along with a huge stump in our driveway! ::

:: More to come on where I was when this fun was all going on....::


:: Product I Love ::

:: I have been trying to drink less coffee (not that tea is SO much better) but I have to share with you the tea I love ::
:: Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla -- It's not sweet (I don't like sweet drinks) but it has a very subtle hint of vanilla :: :: So if you're feeling like trying something out of the norm, try this tea...I'm sure you'll be delighted! ::

:: This Morning ::

:: Nothing is really new in our life, I have just been so tired this week. We have hosted multiple guests this week and last night was the first time since Friday that we haven't had anything on the schedule. I love hosting things at our house now that we have the space but my post-pregnant-breast-feeding body just can't handle it! :: :: Today I am planning on getting the beds changed, cleaning the house, finishing up the laundry and getting a shopping list together for the States as we are almost out of gas (so that must mean that we need to take a trip down there!) ::
:: We don't have much planned for the weekend - which will be nice. I would like to get all of Paul's tax stuff finished up for his company so we can submit it to the accountant - I still haven't finished it!!! ::
:: So basically, I'm trying to tell you that my life is a complete bore right now and I have nothing to write about. Just kidding (kinda) ::
:: On the more exciting part of life we are planning on ordering our carpet for the basement this weekend which means that we will probably have carpet in our basement by the end of March - YAY! Then we have to install the trim work (baseboards, window trim etc.) and light fixtures and we will have a fully functioning basement - it will be so fabulous as Jacob is getting big enough to be by himself playing and to have a secondary space for him to dwell will be so nice! ::
:: I am also going to be doing a photo shoot for Amanda (you can find her blog on my side bar) --- She's 39 weeks preggers with her first child and wanted to get some photo's of her and Jordan prior to the baby arriving, so I'm excited to just go over there and snap a few shots of her and have a nice visit ::
:: Hope ya'll have a great day and enjoy your weekend - and if I have anything blog-worthy I will be sure to post ::
:: Ps. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday - I can't wait to get to church, worship should be fantastic! ::


:: Happy Birthday Daddy ::

:: It's my Dad's 50-something-young birthday today...he was born @ 10:15 am. He was a "surprise" baby for my Grandparents. He is 13 years younger than the middle brother in his family, so he really was quite the surprise. His eldest brother just turned 70 a few weeks ago! ::

:: Dad, you have been a fabulous role-model and someone who doesn't strive for anything but excellence. Thanks for everything you are to not only me but to my little family as well! :: :: Happy Birthday 992! ::


:: The Flats ::

:: Last week I was stuck in traffic going from Langley to Surrey, so I grabbed my camera and took these pictures of the flats out of the passenger window (while I was still driving - but stopped and paying full attention - obviously!!!) ::
:: Have a wonderful day everyone, I'm off to do laundry, frost a cake, and probably vacuum and maybe I'll even get a moment to write some in the boys baby books ~ Blessings to you wherever you are at today! ::


:: Too Fast ::

:: Cole is just growing up too fast, I already miss the infant stage. He's already rolling over (as of 2 weeks ago) and I will often find him on his tummy when I get him up in the morning. It all goes by too fast! ::

:: 03-06-2008 ::

:: Toddler Times ::

:: We have been having so much fun with our sweet Jacob - He is growing up to be a big boy with sweet wonderful traits of Paul's and a few of mine thrown in for good measure ::
:: Some of the most wonderful things have been seeing his love transpire and change as he grows up. He is has such a sweet nature. He always gives kisses out, especially in the morning when he first wakes. He is quick to apologize if he has done wrong, and for the first time yesterday he was standing with us in church for the praise and worship and Pastor Brent asked everyone to raise their hands and he did exactly that...just break my little heart why dontcha!?!?! ::
:: Jacob we love you and your crazy ways! ::
:: Here are the latest pictures of the adventures in toddler time :: :: Our latest adventure in potty training ::
:: He has decided to no longer nap in his bed but in his chair instead - strange child!?!?! ::
:: Look at him, lookin' all grown up 'n stuff! ::

:: We were preparing dinner last week and before we knew it he had fallen asleep in the high chair --- This has never happened before, and nor has he ever gone to bed without dinner. But he did this night ::

{ A Wee Visitor }

{ We had dinner with Michael & Jennifer last night and all of us ooggled (if that is such a word) over Victoria. She is just so dainty and petite compared to our boys, Although she is growing some fine cheeks }

{ Thanks for coming over to our neck of the woods Michael, Jenn & Victoria, it was great to visit with ya'll }
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