:: Never, Never Land ::

Well, the lack of posts isn't because I don't have things to post about but due rather to the fact that for the last 2 1/2 days we have been living at my parents place. We had a rather large storm that cut our power out on Wednesday morning and it was finally turned back on late last night.

However since we were already at my parents place we decided to stay so we didn't have to pack up everything and unload late at night.

So I will be posting pictures of Paul's 30th Birthday Bash, My Birthday, My Dad's Retirement Dinner and anything else that happened or was captured on my camera.

Since there was no cable vision last night (and being at the retirement dinner) we are planning to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight and catch up on laundry and unpack our lives back into our home.

I will be back with pictures in a moment...or a few :)

Here is a picture from My Dad's retirement party back on October 1st:

:: Trevor & Christy's Wedding ::

This last summer my little brother married the love of his life, Christy ~ Here are a few pictures from the day::: The McClelland Side ::
(Bob, Joanne, Christy, Trevor, Lindsey, Jordan, Paul, Jacob & I) :: The Newlyweds ::
:: My Parents ::

I downloaded a ton of pictures, but Blogger didn't seem to like them - oh well, this is the best I have until Trev & Christy get me more :)

:: Tamara our Celebrity ::

:: Mom, Lisa. B & I (& the two beans: Jacob & Emma - the famous one) headed down to Vancouver to Circle Craft on Thursday night. It was a great night :: We got to see lot's of our "seasonal friends" that we only see at the trade shows and we really enjoyed just being able to shop :: :: Celebrity Encounter - We ran into, well not realy it's more like we ran towards Tamara from our local news CTV (she's the weather girl). So we couldn't miss the chance to get a picture with her. Whilel we were chatting she noticed that Miss. Emma is a "fresh one" so she said come over to our booth @ 6:20 and we'll put her on the news! I was so excited, so we called Matt & got him to tape the news he didn't know why he needed to tape it but he was obedient and sure enough he saw his little one in the arms of Tamara ;-) ::
:: Here are the pics to prove it ::
:: Jacob with his new found toy - his tongue ::
:: Grammie feeding Jacob ::
:: Mama with sleeping Jacob ::

:: Jacob vising Aunt Krisztina of "PJzzzz" ::
:: Vanna oh, I mean Lisa guiding us through the dinner choices ::


:: Sold to the Highest Bidder ::

:: Yay :: The car seat is sold ::
Our good friends Michael & Coby bought it! I'm glad that it's not going too far away from us! It's the first thing that we bought for Jacob and it's the first seat he had, not that I'm tearful it's going but it's just nice to know I will see it around for the next year or so.
Coby is due in May :: Can't wait to find out what little baby is!?!?!?


:: Girls or Boys ::

Who is easier to raise?

In my opinion I think boys are easier (Lisa. B would beg to differ) - I would love to have all boys.

I know ya'll think I look like quite the prissy factory, but truly I am not. I love the "rough 'n tumble" way that boys are. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a little girl to be prissy with - when I get the urge. But I love little boys!

I think that raising a little boy (if he is anything like his father) would be much easier than a girl - Paul is simple..okay that sounded bad, but you know what I mean. He is truthful, intergral, trustworthy and just an all around good guy.

So this gives me great hope with raising Jacob or any other little boys that come our way...as far as any girls coming our way - Well, God be with us!

:: Nothing but Blue Sky ::

Okay -- Maybe there were a few clouds, but that didn't stop us from enjoying God's creation!

:: Almost back on Schedule ::

With all of the events of the last week & weekend Jacobs schedule has been thrown off - Paul doesn't quite get that even if Jacob is happy he still needs his nap. So when I was away, my poor little guy didn't get enough nap time in and in turn it screwed his internal clock all up.

I had to fight with him to go down for his nap on Sunday - I finally got him down for his 2:00 nap at 6:30 pm. So you can imagine what my last few days have been like!

But finally I think he's back on schedule - it's 10:45 and he's down for his nap. This nap has not been happening for the last 4 days! So I am thankful it's back...hopefully it will stay!

:: Happy 60th Anniversary Nanny & Papa ::

We celebrated Nanny & Papa's 60th Wedding Anniversary at Northview Golf and Country Club on Sunday afternoon :: It was a great time to see the family - we don't often see each other except for Christmas, quite of few of us are married now have our own families so it's hard to get us all in one place!
:: Nanny & Papa ::
:: Aunty Diane, Uncle Mike & Mum ::
:: Our little family ::
:: My Happy Boys :::: Pauls's cousins, Tolland (lives in Cali w/ his wife Bethany), Andrew & William ::

:: Women of Faith 2006 ::

We (My Marm, SIL Lindsey & I) had a great time at "Contagious Joy" this year's Women of Faith Conference - We had great seats Section 104 row 7!
:: Here is the "porch" where all of the speakers sat ::
:: Praise & Worship with the WOF worship team ::
I loved all of the speakers :: Especially Patsy Clairmont & Sheila Walsh
I bought this book by Laura Jensen Walker

If you need any extra joy - come by my way, I've got plenty to go around!

:: Hollywood Divorce (Surprise) ::

Didya hear?

Britney Spears has written up divorce papers and served them to Kevin Federline...Surprise eh?!?!?!

Ugh, it disgusts me how marriage and the spiritual bond that is supposed to be in marriage is being deleted by ignorant selfish people!

I'm out to prove that you can be a whole individual, be married under God's commands and still have fun (a whole heck of a lot of fun)!

Wednesday, Nov 08, 2006
Britney Spears files for divorce, cites irreconcilable differences

The pop princess filed for divorce Tuesday from her husband, former backup dancer and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline. The Los Angeles County Superior Court filing cites "irreconcilable differences." Spears, 24, married Federline, 28, in 2004. They have a one-year-old son, Sean Preston, and an infant son who was born Sept. 12. The divorce papers identify the baby as Jayden James Federline.

In the divorce papers, which do not mention a prenuptial agreement, Spears asks for custody of the couple's two children, with visitation rights for Federline. The filing does list as separate property, and thereby off-limits to Federline, "miscellaneous jewelry and other personal affects," earnings and other assets to be determined later.

Spears' declaration that she and Federline had no community assets indicate the pair had a prenuptial agreement and don't want to disclose to the court their divorce settlement, said Leon Bennett, a divorce lawyer.

The filing also stated the marriage occurred Oct. 6, 2004, a few weeks after a widely covered wedding ceremony.

Federline at the time explained the two ceremonies by saying that the couple had moved the wedding date up to throw off the media, but doing so did not give their lawyers time to finish their prenup.

I really could care less about the selfish adults that are making these choices, but what about the kids - those poor kids. Lord, put people in Britney's life that will direct her to you as well as her children -- Keep them in your hand.


:: Fall Walk ::

A week ago we went for a walk to our local Starbucks :: Paul had gone to get a haircut so Jacob and I decided to surprise him and go for a walk - we had such a great time just hanging out as a family...

:: Sequence ::

Remember a while ago, we went over to Matt & Lisa's for a game of sequence - well even if you don't - here are the pictures from that night ( I have a lot of catching up to do!):

:: Paul enjoying his coffee ::

:: Matt laughing ::

(I told you I would post this on my blog - He was getting annoyed that I was taking pictures of everything!):: Paul & Lisa diggin' into the caramel corn :::: Me & My Lover :::: My coffee, game chips & cards ::

FYI: The GIRLS won the sequence challenge - Just in case you were wondering :)

:: Thursday Dinner @ Nana & Papa's ::

When we were out for dinner last week, or maybe even the week before - heck I can't remember!??!?! ANYway, we were at Paul's parents place and they put together a jolly jumper for Jacob...Now, being a first time Mama I am a little wary of contraptions that my son gets put in, especially contraptions that are as old as Jacob Auntie Jen (25).

At any rate, here are the pictures from the blessed event:

:: I'm Back ::

Well, after a long week & weekend I am back into the routine of daily life and it feels so good.

We had so many things going on over the last week that I didn't know which end was up! But now I'm back to being normal (whatever that is :p) and so I'm going to post pictures from our last few adventures!

I'll be back...

:: Jacob's 1st Halloween ::

:: Jacob's 1st Halloween ::
Visiting Nanny Phillips w/ 2nd cousin Trevor
Daddy & Jacob prior to dinnerUncle Ty, Daddy & Jacob prior to going out

Sleepy Jacob (he fell asleep as soon as we put him in his Dragon outfit)
Daddy, Jacob & Mama

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