:: Tamara our Celebrity ::

:: Mom, Lisa. B & I (& the two beans: Jacob & Emma - the famous one) headed down to Vancouver to Circle Craft on Thursday night. It was a great night :: We got to see lot's of our "seasonal friends" that we only see at the trade shows and we really enjoyed just being able to shop :: :: Celebrity Encounter - We ran into, well not realy it's more like we ran towards Tamara from our local news CTV (she's the weather girl). So we couldn't miss the chance to get a picture with her. Whilel we were chatting she noticed that Miss. Emma is a "fresh one" so she said come over to our booth @ 6:20 and we'll put her on the news! I was so excited, so we called Matt & got him to tape the news he didn't know why he needed to tape it but he was obedient and sure enough he saw his little one in the arms of Tamara ;-) ::
:: Here are the pics to prove it ::
:: Jacob with his new found toy - his tongue ::
:: Grammie feeding Jacob ::
:: Mama with sleeping Jacob ::

:: Jacob vising Aunt Krisztina of "PJzzzz" ::
:: Vanna oh, I mean Lisa guiding us through the dinner choices ::


Canadian Kristin said...

What a fun evening you girls had! And little Miss Emma is now a celebrity, too! Very cool!
Feeling very Christmas-y today!!!

Jessi said...

Looks like you guys had a great time..hey I was looking at Amamnda's blog and noticed that it's your birthday today...So Happy Day!

Anonymous said...


Looks like you had fun at the very craft fair that you little cranberries got kicked out of :) Not the same without you there I'm sure although Tamara said you can't beat the food!!

From Candice..........no, I have not joined the "bloggin'" world, I just thought I'd check out yours. ( Amanda's too :) )

Canadian Kristin said...

WHAT........happy birthday Shawna!!!

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