:: Women of Faith 2006 ::

We (My Marm, SIL Lindsey & I) had a great time at "Contagious Joy" this year's Women of Faith Conference - We had great seats Section 104 row 7!
:: Here is the "porch" where all of the speakers sat ::
:: Praise & Worship with the WOF worship team ::
I loved all of the speakers :: Especially Patsy Clairmont & Sheila Walsh
I bought this book by Laura Jensen Walker

If you need any extra joy - come by my way, I've got plenty to go around!


Amanda said...

I had such a good time there too! Too bad I didn't know ahead of time that you were there! I would have come down and said HI. Instead I found you and spied thru the binnoculars!! Ha ha!! I could have snuck you three up to the box....maybe next year!!

Shawna said...

Here let me "cough on your face" and spread my joy around...he he he

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