:: Almost back on Schedule ::

With all of the events of the last week & weekend Jacobs schedule has been thrown off - Paul doesn't quite get that even if Jacob is happy he still needs his nap. So when I was away, my poor little guy didn't get enough nap time in and in turn it screwed his internal clock all up.

I had to fight with him to go down for his nap on Sunday - I finally got him down for his 2:00 nap at 6:30 pm. So you can imagine what my last few days have been like!

But finally I think he's back on schedule - it's 10:45 and he's down for his nap. This nap has not been happening for the last 4 days! So I am thankful it's back...hopefully it will stay!


Amanda said...

Poor Shawn and jakey-poo!

Shawna said...

Yeah, and go figure - Grammie showed up at 11:15 and wanted a cuddle, I can't resist giving my Marm her cuddles with Jacob so he was awake 1/2 hour after I put him down! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

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