:: Exciting Times: My New Toy ::

:: Who on earth gets excited about a new vacuum...I do I do! Since we have moved into our "new" place with tile, laminate, linoleum & carpet, I have been looking for the "multi-purpose" tool to clean all of these floors without having to vacuum, sweep & swiffer them. So the other night when we were out shopping in the States I found this handy little machine for $19.97 (any guesses as to where I got it?) ::

:: Anyway today I had the opportunity to try it out; WoW, who knew such a little machine could have such mean (in a good way) suction! It's great, I did all of my floors - including a few of my stairs in 2 minutes flat, gotta love that! ::

:: So if y'all are looking for a mean dirt sucking machine that is lightweight, easy to put away (mine is hanging on my mop/broom/swiffer hook) then you have to get one of these! ::

:: Here are the features ::
Converts to a multi-purpose vacuum or hand vacuum.
Weighs only 4 pounds.

Works well on upholstery, carpet, bare floors and more.
Ergonmically designed comfort grip handle.
Easy to empty dirt cup.
Cord wrap storage on handle.
Full one year warranty.


:: The Spirit of Christmas ::

:: Last Saturday we (Matt & Lisa, the girls and us and the boys) headed out to the campus of Trinity Western University to an event called "The Spirit of Christmas" where we indulged in hot apple cider, Christmas Carols, a petting zoo for the youngin's and some amazing Christmas trees ::
:: It was a great (FREE) way to spend a snowy December 1st - what a fabby way to kick of the celebrations of our King! :::: Madelyne becoming a Lioness - Didn't it look amazing! - She slept on my pillow later on in the evening and in the morning I noticed that I had lion marks left on my pillowcase, I told her that she had left some marks from her lion-face on my pillow and she thought it was the funniest thing! Poor girl didn't want to eat dinner for fear of ruining her lion-face! ::

:: Here's Mr. Jacob enjoying (kinda) the petting zoo with Paul ::

:: A donkey lookin' for some love from Paul ::
:: Family portrait of the Pink Bakers ::
:: Paul and I trying to warm up after the live Nativity - It was SO cold, lovely but COLD! ::


:: That's not funny...::

:: Being a mother can be so cruel! ::
:: I made coffee this morning at 8:10 am....at 11:57 am I had yet to have a cup...and now it's 2:15 pm and since the boys are finally sleeping I should be having coffee, but instead I'm complaining to you. So if you wonder why I haven't been on here to blog lately..need I say more?!?!? ::
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