: Summertime To:Do List :

I posted this photo on my Instagram the other day and got an overwhelming response from it so I thought I would share it here too! 

First off, this is not an original idea, someone else that is much more creative than I thought of it, but I loved it and thought you would too.  

The boys and I just sat down one day and thought of all the fun things that Summertime is to them...hence the "water gun fight" & "fly a kite" ones and I'm sure you can tell which ones I have part in "keep routine" & "back to school shopping" :: It was super easy to do and fun for the boys to look forward to checking something off of our Summertime list!

Hope you're getting lots of fun in these Summer days and enjoying the little moments, like eating an ice cream cone or having a water fight! 

I'm off to get some errands done while the boys are at VBS :: Hoping to make the 3 hours stretch to more like 5 :: Happy day Lovelies! 



: What I love Wednesday :

Wednesday; it doesn't feel like Wednesday. It should be Thursday.  Now if you know me, or you've been following my blog for a while I always find that weeks speed by, but for some reason not this week. 

This week is VBS at a lovely little local church :: Most of our buddies go to it, so it's filled with great biblical based education as well as a morning with their friends {and me with mine!}.  Cole doesn't do to well with me going  for the whole morning but he get's over it pretty fast and ends up having a great time. 

: Here they are on their first morning of VBS :

Anyways, on to my "What I love Wednesday" it's been forever since I have posted one so I thought today would be just as good a day as ever to start back up again!

I've been looking at getting this necklace for months, but can't justify the price for "fashion jewelery" but oooh, I love it! And I found one here for 1/4 of the price, mighty tempting!

 I've been using witch hazel as toner before bed and once I get up and I love it!  It's super cheap {as in $1 for a bottle} and it's helped my skin retain moisture, which in the Summer it easily looses!

Found these super cute shirts for my boys, daddy has a big pony polo and thinks the boys should have one too, and seriously they are SO cute, no!??!
The original owners of our home had a beautiful english garden. Since we moved at the end of September we didn't really know what was going to come of our garden, but the other day I walked out to see what I thought was a bush blooming with these lovely flowers.  I love fresh flowers {& free to boot!}
 You know those fancy-schmancy fruit & veggie cleaners that you can buy for upwards of $5/bottle?  Well I found out that using hydrogen peroxide mixed with water achieves the same!  So go to your local super market and avoid the fancy-schmancy sprays and get yourself a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide...I love it!
 And last but not least, I spent yesterday afternoon organizing our food cupboards {boy it was about time!} and can I say I just love a nice neat organized pantry!  It's the simple things that give me just pure joy {no joke!}
Well I'm off to attack another room that needs organizing, not sure which one, the laundry room or the spare room but since the sun is hiding behind the clouds today really there are no excuses! 

Later Lovelies! 


Cole's Preschool Graduation

Our littlest big boy graduated from Preschool at the end of June, it's amazing how two years goes by incredibly fast!  

We have loved his teachers and I've seen them almost every day for the past three years including Jacob's schooling there, so it will be odd to not see them come this September! 

Here is the graduate along with biggest brother
 Accepting his diploma and year-in-memories binder & cd from Mrs. Brenda, she was definitely one of Cole's most favorite teachers. He's cried at least 5 times {we're talking inconsolable tears} since he's graduated over missing his teachers, it's so sweet!
 Our family and the graduate with crazy monkey ears and a very put on smile {lol}
Things to remember...
Cole has a vast and deep vocabulary and knowledge of the words he uses ie) 
"that was the most fantastic end to a wonderful day" after watching the sun set
"Well I better go ask the humans" about wanting to buy back our old house
"that's phenomenal, just phenomenal!" about daddy bringing home a glazed doughnut for him

Cole wakes up at the crack of the day and goes hard, the first thing he says as he skips into our room is "GOOOOD MORNIN' aren't you SO glad I didn't come into your room last night?!!  I tried very hard to stay in my own bed."  When  I respond "but you did come in to our room", he then says "oh that's really too bad, 'cause I was trying SO hard to stay in my own bed" 

When Cole get's mad at Jacob his first response is to ask me to sell him {Jacob} and if that doesn't work he says he's going to find a different family, apparently we're really tough to live with! LOL

Coley, you capture the hearts of anyone who is blessed enough to meet you.  Your little brain works overtime at creating things.  You're amazing at praying from your heart and continually bless us with your love towards God. We pray as you walk boldly into grade school that you don't ever loose the passion you have for God!  
Love Always, Daddy&Mama
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