: Bath time fun :

 We are in the midst of the busiest time of year for us.  As we work at Cranberry Creek {mostly me but also the Mr. for a small portion of it}, plus the added events at school, church & with family.  It's a great time but we try to compress so much into two months gets a bit nutso!
Last night in the midst of baths I decided to take out my camera and grab a few shots of these growing boys...right now as I type this Jacob is working on an oral presentation at our kitchen table.  My how things have changed!
 Mostly these photos are for my Marm, who is missing these boys like nobodies business.  

Right now she's a 3 hour time difference with the addition on being at her show for 12 hours, it doesn't make for any time to catch up over skype or face time.  

But soon this nutso season will be over and for whatever demented reason we will look upon it fondly!
 In other news our home is almost fully decorated for Christmas, my shopping is almost complete and wrapped and we have so many celebratory events to go to/host this season it's very very exciting.  A few of which I can't write about because my biggest little boy now knows how to read...seriously, I thought this raising kids got easier ;) NOTHING is sacred!

If you are at all interested in doing a Christmas home tour or jumping on the band wagon with me...I might just throw one together and give you a tour of our home decorations this season.  Let me know if you would like to include your home in the tour! 

Till next time lovelies, hold your family close and remember how great you have it {even if it doesn't feel that way today!}


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