:: Trimmin' the Tree ::

:: Some of my favorite ornaments - I got these new "jewel" ornaments from my Mom when we went to Potters and I LOVE them...dontcha think they are so glam??? ::

:: It has taken us literally 2 weeks to get our tree trimmed as we pulled it out the afternoon before we got sick for a week...so after we started to feel better we got the lights on...then it stayed lit with no decor on it for a couple days...then the ornaments appeared (in no specific order or fashion as the boys in the house took it upon themselves to "deck the tree" - please note: I have moved 2 or 3 ornaments but other than that they have all stayed in the same original non-specific or organized place...that is just my neurotic side speaking!)...finally last week I placed the tulle throughout the branches and then on Sunday night Paul did the honours and placed the star on the top...with hollars from below as Jacob couldn't understand as to why he couldn't continue to play with the star ::
:: FYI ~ When the boys started decking the tree they started putting up the red decorations and I had in my head that we were not going to use the red decorations but it worked out perfectly as I had plain red wrapping paper for the gifts this year - who knew we were so organized!??! ::
:: Merry Christmas Ya'll hope you made many family memories trimming your tree this year, we certainly did! ::

:: Matt's 30th Birthday Bash ::

:: Shameful I know, it has been weeks since this event, but what can I say, we've been busy! ::

:: My friend Lisa. B hosted a wonderful evening celebrating her hubby's 30th birthday ::

:: We enjoyed great food and wonderful company. There was a super-awesome gift that everyone went in on, she is sending him on a 10 day trip to the Yukon to go camping with a bunch of other guys...sounds like a big muscle fest to me! ::

:: Sorry this post is so late Matt - Happy 30th Year! ::

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