:: Forever 21 ::

:: Have you ever been to Forever 21? There are some amazing clothes, for some amazing prices...each one of these pieces is under $17! We really need to get a Forever 21 up here in the North! ::

:: I may have to order one of these {or two} for a certain conference I'm helping host...hmmm, tempting, YES! ::

:: Perfect Products - "Easy Daysies" ::

:: Okay, so being that I am about to be a "Preschool Mama" - I've been chatting to all my other friends who are already "Preschool Moms" to find out what has helped them transition into the school days ::
:: Yesterday my friend Steph recommended "EASY DAYSIES" {seriously, what a cute name!} and said that they work fabulous for keeping her little preschooler on track as to what the day holds. It's confusing going to school just two days a week! ::

:: Then this morning I received an email across my screen from my cousin {on my hubby's side} recommending these products as well! So I thought I should post them here for y'all to see too! ::

:: I can't wait to get my hands on some for my little preschooler! And you know what else I love, is that it's a young mom with an idea & making it come to life - you go girl! ::

:: Visit her site, she's a local girl and these are such a fabby idea...talk about great application! I especially love the "Special Times & Clocks" set! ::


:: Buttermilk Pie ::

:: I stay tuned on a sweet little Southern blog called "Warm Pie, Happy Home" ~ if you don't know me personally...I'll let you in on a little secret...I'm a little bit of a Southern girl living in the North ::

:: I like big hair, accessories, I say "y'all" in real life - not that all those things make you "Southern" but I would have to say that I'm attracted to all things Southern ::

:: Anyway, that brings me to Buttermilk Pie. The other day when I was reading about Ruth Ann's venture with this AMAZING Buttermilk Pie, I didn't believe it! It couldn't be true that it was as good as she was saying ::

:: So y'all, what do you do when you can't eat any baking, you bake, not just anything, you bake Buttermilk Pie! ::

:: So I took her recipe for Buttermilk Pie (& crust) directly from her post and this is how it went ::

:: Made the super easy crust ::
:: Mixed the ingredients (except I didn't have buttermilk so I made my own and I didn't have a lemon, so I just used the lemon juice I had in the fridge) :::: Bake the pie :::: And voila, a super yummy smelling, brown on top, glorious looking pie. And get this -- it tastes stinking fabulous! No joke! Yes, I did go off the death diet to try a bite or two and it was WELL worth it :::: So when you get a chance go here and bake your hunny up some good 'ol Southern pie, he'll be happy you did! ::

:: Could it be ANY cuter!?!? ::

:: I've been up to my eye-balls in cake orders lately and I made these little beauties for a special little girl ::

:: Could they be ANY cuter?!?! ::

:: My Boys ::

:: My Mom asked me for new pictures of my boys ages ago, life didn't allow and I was very disobedient! ::

:: Here they are though, better late than never! ::

:: Here is my little big boy, he's now 2 1/2 and full full full of energy! ::

:: Here's my baby boy, he is always a little busy body - hmmm, wonder where he gets that from?!?! ::
:: My poor boys have been without Grammie & Grampie and Nana & Papa for the past two weeks...hopefully someone will come home soon to love them more than we do! ::

:: Kisses & Hugs from the boys to the warm lands that you are visiting! ::

:: Seriously! ::

:: This is what it looked like out my door at 4.30pm this afternoon...and I so thought Spring was just around the corner!?!?! ::

:: Love Day ::

:: Paul and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day a few days early to avoid the craze in the restaurants and to sit back and enjoy each other ::

:: We had Aunty Lindsey come over and baby sit the boys and then we headed out to White Spot for dinner & a movie ::

:: We had a great time at dinner and we saw New in Town with Renee Zelwiger (sp?) - the movie was fabulous, full of great laughs and tons of fun! ::
:: Paul surprised me with a sweet little bracelet from Tiffany & co and I made him some Oreo truffles and bought him a new pair of jeans ::

:: We celebrated Valentines day with the boys on Saturday (the actual day) we gave them each a personalized cupcake and just enjoyed the day together ::

:: It was awesome to be in the midst of the ones that I love SO much! ::


:: Digger Digger Digger ::

:: A couple of weeks ago {yes, this is how far behind I am on posting!} we had an "inside day" ::

:: Our February weather was not conducive to having my little big boy go outside to play with his diggers, so out came the rice and a baking sheet a voila! A digger's Paradise & a little big boys entertainment for hours ::

:: Thank you Lord, for rice, diggers & imaginations! ::
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