:: The Bachelor - Week 4 ::

:: Okay girls, well this was quite the week! Holy Moly! Emotions were in high gear to say the least! ::

:: Mr. Jason had three dates ::
#1 - One on One date with Molly = Overnight camp out in his tent, she got a rose
#2 - Group date to the set of General Hospital where he kissed & kissed & kissed, poor girls just had to stand there and watch!
#3 - Two on One Date with Stephanie & Nikki - Nikki went home, it was time but it was SO sad!

:: Nikki {one of my initial picks} went home last night - he picked Stephanie over her, I think that was wise, on the level of "togetherness" {if that's such a word?!?!?} Stephanie definitely has that one in her corner, Nikki not so much....but she would make a really good next bachelorette...so Stephanie, Sweet, Southern Stephanie is still in the running, but I think she'll be going home next week :::: Jillian was in the background last night, not out and making herself known, I think this is a good thing in some ways, but I also think that the attraction between them may be weaning a bit ::
:: Naomi, Lord only knows why he kept her; I really see no chemistry between them. But she is a better pick than all three of the girls that went home, so I understand his reasoning. I think she will be going home next week ::
:: Molly, Molly, Molly, she stayed overnight @ Jason's place and came home just as the other girls were getting up, and she was in his comfy clothes...I want her to leave, just don't think she's the perfect match for him. Apparently my opinion doesn't count, she got a rose - surprise! ::
:: Melissa, I would say that Melissa is the best combination of all the good things he wants in his life, light-hearted with enough emotion {but not too much}, wise, open, sincere, caring, beautiful {hello!} and just all around nice girl :::: Now how fabulous was it that he got to break the rules and send these three running home? ::
:: So what did you think? And when do you think Deanna is coming back?!?! It is such a great season, I don't know why I love it so much I just do! Can't wait for next week! ::


:: I'm Here, really I am! ::

:: Hey there Girls! I'm here, I really am, I'm just busy with the everyday stuff ::

:: This next week is jam packed with good things, but I may not be around these parts much. I will of course be writing an update tomorrow on The Bachelor and I'm still working out the details on my thoughts from my mineral make-up debate..so look forward to that sometime this week ::

:: You may also find I have a ASAQD and if you don't know what that is then you just haven't lived!!! {just kidding!} ::

:: Happy Bachelor Monday Ya'll and make sure to praise God for the great things He has done for Harper, she is doing amazingly well! ::

:: Oh and just in case you haven't heard, we're supposed to be getting snow tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing it again so tonight you will find me, watching The Bachelor, Ironing & waiting for the snowfall ::
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