:: The Bachelor - Week 4 ::

:: Okay girls, well this was quite the week! Holy Moly! Emotions were in high gear to say the least! ::

:: Mr. Jason had three dates ::
#1 - One on One date with Molly = Overnight camp out in his tent, she got a rose
#2 - Group date to the set of General Hospital where he kissed & kissed & kissed, poor girls just had to stand there and watch!
#3 - Two on One Date with Stephanie & Nikki - Nikki went home, it was time but it was SO sad!

:: Nikki {one of my initial picks} went home last night - he picked Stephanie over her, I think that was wise, on the level of "togetherness" {if that's such a word?!?!?} Stephanie definitely has that one in her corner, Nikki not so much....but she would make a really good next bachelorette...so Stephanie, Sweet, Southern Stephanie is still in the running, but I think she'll be going home next week :::: Jillian was in the background last night, not out and making herself known, I think this is a good thing in some ways, but I also think that the attraction between them may be weaning a bit ::
:: Naomi, Lord only knows why he kept her; I really see no chemistry between them. But she is a better pick than all three of the girls that went home, so I understand his reasoning. I think she will be going home next week ::
:: Molly, Molly, Molly, she stayed overnight @ Jason's place and came home just as the other girls were getting up, and she was in his comfy clothes...I want her to leave, just don't think she's the perfect match for him. Apparently my opinion doesn't count, she got a rose - surprise! ::
:: Melissa, I would say that Melissa is the best combination of all the good things he wants in his life, light-hearted with enough emotion {but not too much}, wise, open, sincere, caring, beautiful {hello!} and just all around nice girl :::: Now how fabulous was it that he got to break the rules and send these three running home? ::
:: So what did you think? And when do you think Deanna is coming back?!?! It is such a great season, I don't know why I love it so much I just do! Can't wait for next week! ::


Amanda said...

I can't believe I am the 1st one to comment this week! I am usually the 8th or later! Haha!

I LOVED the show last night! SO much emotion, like you said! Holy Moly! SO happy that he sent those 3 home. I chose Jillian and Melissa for him to give a rose to at the ceremony and I didn't have a 3rd pick! So he read my mind entirely! Hahahaha!
I think that Deanna will come back when there are like 3 or 4 girls back so it REALLY throws a twist because he will be in love already I think and then he's going to have to get his past feelings for Deanna in check and see if he really does love any of the girls in the house. It'll be interesting, that's for sure!

Jennifer Fisher said...

Ummm...did anyone else notice how it seemed to be ruffled dress and side pony tail night????
Jillian and Melissa should be the front runners. But that Deanna could throw a wrench into the mix....oh the suspense!!!

Laura said...

Oh, last night was so good!
I wasn't too fond of the "sound effects" that were coming from that tent... I wonder what was going on there? ;) But I think he really likes Molly. I do appreciate how she usually holds back when the other girls are bickering, but she didn't need to rub the overnight date in their faces so much.
I missed Jillian last night, she was barely in it!
Melissa is so great, definitely a top pick - and I think Jason thinks so too!
How can you not love Stephanie? So elegant and a beautiful heart (amongst other things!) But I still don't see much of a spark there... I think she'll go home next week, and I dread seeing her with a broken heart!
I was SO happy to see Lauren go - that girl needs some therapy! So does Shannon, seriously. And it was beyond time for Meaghan to go, although her speech afterwards was the nicest she's been. Weird.

I'm so bummed that I didn't watch last season, as I don't know Deanna and never saw her with Jason before. But it will definitely be interesting! Poor guy.

Jen - Totally noticed the ruffled dresses/shirts! Too funny

Lisa said...

Ok. I slept well last night knowing that Megan is gone! I REALLY did not like her. Not too fond of Naomi either - just doesn't seem like the motherly type and I'm not seeing a great connection. I like Stephanie as a person, but when I see them together she just seems OLD! Not sure what's gonna happen there? I missed the first half hour so I don't have much insight into Molly for this week. I also think it's gonna be a toss up between Jillian and Melissa. He seems the most comfortable and himself around them... a breath of fresh air from all the drama. But then you throw Deanna in the mix and WHO KNOWS!?! I think he's making good decisions... good boy Jason!

Lisa B. said...

I LOVED the show last night!!!! Okay, I'm really glad Jason threw the rules to the wind and got rid of three girls at the rose ceremony - they all needed to go. Thankfully he's still thinking with his brain and not...well, you know :-)

I love Jillian but I was bummed she didn't appear too much last night, but, on the other hand, it may have been good to stay under the radar last night and then put the moves on next week.

Stephanie is sweet - I'll give her that, but she is too plastic looking and too "old" for him - I think she should go home soon.

Molly did rub her date in the girls faces a bit - which I thought was tacky, but, on the other hand can you blame her???

Naomi - I have no words....go home!

Deanna, I think she will be back not next week but the following week....and then we'll have drama.

Melissa is fun and cute....a good pick for sure.

Can't wait till next Monday...seems so long and so far away...this definitely is the best part of the week.

Crystal said...

Ok, are all those girls cycles lined up because it sure seemed like it last night! i agree those three girls needed to go! Lauren just got creepy and same with Shannon...i see some potential future stalkers!hehe

I like Molly! I think she is my favorite right now! Mellissa is really cute but to me she just seems so young. I could see why he likes her though:) I think he likes that she vulnerable and wears her heart on her sleeve, I think he has a little bit of the saviour/hero mentality...so he likes the sensitive girls.
I think Deanna will be back in two weeks, to stir the pot up at the end! I agree though this is the best season ever...so different, and so dramatic~

Roo said...

Oh how I love Monday nights:) So glad the nutjobs, the meanie, and the boring one are all gone! I'm so happy to see that the Canadian girl is still representing..she's definitely my fave:) Seeing her on there makes me think i should have tried out..i could definitely fall for Jason...haha. Can't wait for the finale party girls!

Jessi said...

Question? Why aren't we having a regular Monday night Bachelor girls night??? It seems like we're all glued to the tv between 8-10pm anyways! Loved the episode last night, so glad he sent the 4 girls home that he did. I'm still on the fence about how will be his top 3, it just seemed like a lot of crying last night. Dean was totally into it! Can't wait for DeAnna to return, I think she comes just before the top 2 are picked...from what I've read. Should make it interesting to say the least! Thanks for the fun updates!

susan said...

I thought it was kind of sad to see Nikki go but she wasn't the "one".
Stephanie I've always liked, but maybe not for Jason. She is kind of plastic but seems to have a heart of gold...I agree, she does seem old...or "older" than him at least...she's only a year older than me! Holy! She's young, so young! Did I say old? Never!

I digress...

Naomi...I don't see what Jason obviously does. She seems nice enough but she's not "the one" either.

I nearly did a dance of joy when Shannon left...FINALLY! Why did he keep that nutbar around for so long?

Molly...sweet girl but does she have much depth? Not sure yet. And the moans in the tent were a little much! Not to mention the "we didn't get much sleep" comments. Class act!

Melissa...I'm not sure about her either - she's too young.

Gillian...oh Gillian! She's got to be THE ONE! She's a catch!

I sure hope by next week the side pony tail trend has past. I was wearing those in 7th grade!! (which was ONLY 20 some odd years ago!!!!) :-{

Rishana said...

I too loved the show last night!

It seems that we are all pretty much on the same page. I agree that Stephanie seems to "old" for Jason, she would be better suited with an older man for sure.
I'm not sure if I like Melissa or Molly better! I know that I should be full on supporting Jillian, it just seems that the other two have made a bigger impression!
As for Deanna, I think that she'll probably come back when he's narrowed the field to 2 or 3 girls.
Am I wrong, or didn't a guy come back to try to win over Deanna last season too? I was thinking that they were in the Bahamas or something when he came back to spice up the show! I think that it was when she was choosing between Jason and Jesse?
Anyways, it should be interesting!
Thanks again Shawna! I think I like reading through this blog just as much as I look forward to watching the show!!!!

Jason and Kristin said...

Oh I love this "chat" about the Bachelor! Such a fun show! I was REALLY glad he sent the three he did home...Meghan really needed to go and Lauren was really starting to annoy me!
I am rooting for Melissa and Molly...I like Jillian too, but I'm not sure she's the one he's going to pick. Melissa and Molly, to me, seems to be the most "real" and there for the right reasons.
I wish we didn't have to wait a whole week!!!

Nadine said...

Ok, is it just me or was there a lot of kissing and TONS of cleavage last night?!?!? I didn't get to watch the entire show and I've only seen bits and pieces here and there so I might be totally out to lunch.

It's funny how many ladies are into this show but it's even more amusing to hear that the fellas are also into it.

Kori said...

I was so bummed that I missed it so thanks for the recap!

Anita said...

haha, this comment conversation is hilarious! I too am glad he sent the girls home that he did... Melissa is my top pick so far.

Thanks for putting these updates on your blog. My MIL actually called me yesterday because she missed the show and wanted an update... so I sent her here! Hope you and your boys are doing well :)

Kandis said...

Wow!! I sure loved it !! It was a fantastic episode.....
Jillian is still the best pick I think....a little more mature than some of the others.
Melissa is great, but I don't think she is "the one"...way to "young" for him.
Remember that he has been married before and has a son!

I can hardly wait for next week!! LOL

Nadine said...

Ok, so I'm all caught up. I found a website that had it for free and then the last show I watched on YouTube! HAHA

My favorites are Jillan, Melissa, and Stephanie.

I was totally out to lunch, the kissing and cleavage is totally normal, apparently! HAHA

Looking forward to Monday!!!!

Holly said...

Haha! I don't watch this show, but I can definitely see how it could become addictive!

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