:: WIWW ::

I will be posting a "What I Wore Wednesday" edition today, but my photos are on Mr. L's computer and he's currently in Kelowna, so when he gets home tonight and I have a moment...I'll post them {as sad as they may be!}

:: This is all I's got! Honestly I thought I had more photos - obviously not! Ha! ::

:: so here is the out fit I wore on our drive to the wedding - Top: Target, Jeans: Hand-me-down (thanks Lise!), Shoes: Target ::

:: Here we go again ::

:: Tomorrow is the first day of school for us, it's Cole's turn this time...ohhh, this Mama's heart is going to break, I'm sure! Sending my "baby" off to school, it can't be this time already!?!?! He and I had a little cry about it today, I was tearing up and the sweet little guy did too, did this Mama's heart good ;) ::

:: JJ's first day is Friday, this is going to be a great year for him and yet I'm sad that this is his last year in preschool. It'll be so good for him and yet I can't believe that he's 4 and seems so grown up! ::

:: So that's what we're up to today, preparing to get these boy off to school in proper fashion! Hope y'all are having a great afternoon and getting into the whole school thing again! ::


:: Still too early? ::

:: To have purchased one of these and to be tempted to start burning it??? ::

:: I don't know what it's like in your home town, but here it's raining cats and dogs...Welcome Fall, I've missed you! ::


:: L&L Wed ::

:: This past Saturday Mr. L & I had the pleasure of joining with my Dad's side of the family for my second cousins wedding {my cousin is the bride}, her Mom is my first cousin...confused yet ;) ::

:: Okay, on to the photos {click on photos for a closer look}...here is the groom with his Dad {a Southern Minister...he had the greatest accent!} along with some of his best men and the flower girls, one of which is my third cousin...sweet Rachel ::

:: Mother of the Bride {my cousin} and Mother of the Groom - both were stunning and looked far too young to be marrying off their children! ::

:: Enter the bride & her Daddy {Also a Minister} ::

:: Giving Away or Joining Together, both vital times in both the parents and couples lives ::

:: There is nothing really special about this photo, I just like it. In it are my three cousins from my Uncle Roger & Aunty Vicki, Pam {Mother of the Bride}, Cheryl {Aunty to the Bride} & Lyle {Uncle to the Bride and father of the two ring bearers and one of the flower girls} ::

:: Signing to make it all official & his parents watching on ::

:: My Uncle {also a Minister, see a pattern here!?!!?} charged the couple and blessed their marriage ::

:: Sealed with a Kiss ::

:: Mr&Mrs ::

:: Lovely Couple ::

:: Once on site for the reception, the families gathered for photos. Here is his immediate family - both his sisters were in the wedding as well as his brother in law -- Such a beautiful family! ::

:: The Cake ::

:: The Bridal Party..and apparently it could have been even bigger! These people are well loved and love large! ::

:: EDITED TO SAY :: My most favorite line of the day was when my cousin Jordan {brother of the bride & MC (featured in photo above second from left at the back)} stated in his welcome to the guest that my Grandma {his Great Grandma} couldn't be in attendance so he said he wanted to make sure to make a `Shout Out to Grandma Rosie` - seriously made me die! Jord, you did a fabulous job as Master of Ceremonies - So there is a shout out to you ;) Ps. you need to update your blog...it`s seriously out of date :P ::

:: Here is the whole McC family that was able to attend the wedding ::

:: Here are two of my cousin Lyle's kids that Mr. L captured, so cute eh? ::

:: Cutting of the cake, sorry about your heads L&L, I had to grab the shot while I had others standing around me, thought it was cute enough to post though ;) ::

:: Centerpiece detials ::

:: And the beautiful Mr&Mrs ::

:: Congratulations L&L --- Hope you're life is full of love and overflowing with blessings! You're a great match and feel blessed that we got to take part in such a special day! ::

:: XO ~ *Shawna ::


:: Port Townsend 2010 ::

:: We had a fabulous weekend {HA!} in Port Townsend, WA...It took a long time to get there. We had a lot of fun, but oh, we had a ton of trouble! ::

:: I'll leave you the pictures, they speak a thousand words, but remember - pictures don't even give you a good view of what problems we had! {I'll be back with more on that story and how God took care of us later...ugh, it was a crazy weekend!}::

:: We enjoyed lots of walks ::

:: The ferry ride, there and back ::

:: Treats ::

:: Seashore ::

:: and of course lounging around the motor home! ::

:: Hope you're having a great weekend...I'll be back soon with more on our trip! ::

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