:: L&L Wed ::

:: This past Saturday Mr. L & I had the pleasure of joining with my Dad's side of the family for my second cousins wedding {my cousin is the bride}, her Mom is my first cousin...confused yet ;) ::

:: Okay, on to the photos {click on photos for a closer look}...here is the groom with his Dad {a Southern Minister...he had the greatest accent!} along with some of his best men and the flower girls, one of which is my third cousin...sweet Rachel ::

:: Mother of the Bride {my cousin} and Mother of the Groom - both were stunning and looked far too young to be marrying off their children! ::

:: Enter the bride & her Daddy {Also a Minister} ::

:: Giving Away or Joining Together, both vital times in both the parents and couples lives ::

:: There is nothing really special about this photo, I just like it. In it are my three cousins from my Uncle Roger & Aunty Vicki, Pam {Mother of the Bride}, Cheryl {Aunty to the Bride} & Lyle {Uncle to the Bride and father of the two ring bearers and one of the flower girls} ::

:: Signing to make it all official & his parents watching on ::

:: My Uncle {also a Minister, see a pattern here!?!!?} charged the couple and blessed their marriage ::

:: Sealed with a Kiss ::

:: Mr&Mrs ::

:: Lovely Couple ::

:: Once on site for the reception, the families gathered for photos. Here is his immediate family - both his sisters were in the wedding as well as his brother in law -- Such a beautiful family! ::

:: The Cake ::

:: The Bridal Party..and apparently it could have been even bigger! These people are well loved and love large! ::

:: EDITED TO SAY :: My most favorite line of the day was when my cousin Jordan {brother of the bride & MC (featured in photo above second from left at the back)} stated in his welcome to the guest that my Grandma {his Great Grandma} couldn't be in attendance so he said he wanted to make sure to make a `Shout Out to Grandma Rosie` - seriously made me die! Jord, you did a fabulous job as Master of Ceremonies - So there is a shout out to you ;) Ps. you need to update your blog...it`s seriously out of date :P ::

:: Here is the whole McC family that was able to attend the wedding ::

:: Here are two of my cousin Lyle's kids that Mr. L captured, so cute eh? ::

:: Cutting of the cake, sorry about your heads L&L, I had to grab the shot while I had others standing around me, thought it was cute enough to post though ;) ::

:: Centerpiece detials ::

:: And the beautiful Mr&Mrs ::

:: Congratulations L&L --- Hope you're life is full of love and overflowing with blessings! You're a great match and feel blessed that we got to take part in such a special day! ::

:: XO ~ *Shawna ::


Crystal said...

I love the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, so fresh looking!

Christy said...

Looks like a beautiful day....Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Keri's Collage... said...

Beautiful pics! Beautiful day!
I smiled when looking at your family pic....Lyle is our neighbor!I have known his wife since we were kids! Small world!

Shawna said...

Keri that's funny! You live in a semi-small town though so I shouldn't be surprised ;)

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