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:: You just can't see it here -- remember I said I was WAY behind on blogging and I was going to be playing catch up? Well, I still am! ::

:: You can find my anniversary post here - hope you enjoy...I'm off to finish up the cake and hopefully get my house cleaned today so I can enjoy a semi work free weekend with the family. We'll see if the boys decide to play along and let me get it done! ::

:: Happy Friday Lovelies - hope you have a fabulous and safe weekend! ::

*Ps. Pictures a la Jamie Delaine. Jamie, can't thank you enough for capturing us {yet again}* ::


:: Pumpkin Patch Family Time ::

:: We had a great day this last week out and about and more specifically at the pumpkin patch. It looked like it was going to be the last sunny autumn day that we had left before all the leaves would drop to the ground. So we took full advantage and wandered around the pumpkin patch and the harvest of fresh apples - specifically our favorite Honey Crisp apples...did you know that some of the VERY best apples {known world wide} are produced here in BC!??! And this is one of our BC jems, it's amazing! Local girls, they are on special right now for $59/pound @ Ralphs ::

:: The boys loved running through the maze of pumpkins at the farm market, what a perfect Fall day! ::
:: Here is our little family - picture a la the 10 second self timer ::

:: Look at all those pumpkins! What a beautiful site! And look at that crazy Cole saying "cheese" - seriously we took five tries to get him to look at the camera and he would just put his head back and scream cheeeeeseeee! ::
:: Driving back home we hit some traffic and so I snapped some shots of a local farm, this farm is right beside the plantation house I plan to own someday...well, maybe. Isn't it a beautiful site?!!? ::

:: Happy Fall Y'all! ::

:: Bigger then my Dilemma ::

:: This is a call for prayer for a sweet blogger "friend" {using that term very loosely} - I've followed McKmama for a couple years now and walked through her struggles and joys in marriage, kids, babes and just life ::

:: With that said, McKmama's family needs your prayers right now. If you have read before, Stellan is her youngest child, and he has SVT, he will be celebrating his first birthday tomorrow, of which the doctors NEVER thought he would make it to! ::

:: Stellan went into a severe state of SVT on Monday night and has had to be intubated and sidated to try and control the SVT. As well as a neck line to insert his medications into his system and more closely to his heart ::

:: Please take a moment to pray for this family - specifically McKmama, her husband, Dr.B and of course Stellan - It sure makes me appreciate that I was getting up to deal with my kids who wanted to come and join me in my bed last night, not sitting beside my son's hospital bed wondering about the what-if's of my son's condition! ::

:: God you are a great God and can overcome any sickness on earth - I pray that you'll be with all those families right now that are facing the great unknown ::

:: You can go here to see McKmama's twitter updates ::

:: Calendar Dilemma ::

:: Morning y'all! Boy oh boy am I having a hard time keeping my eyes open this morning! We've been go, go, going all week long and obviously it's caught up with me! ::

:: I'd love to get your opinion on something...I have a calendar dilemma. If you remember back in January I did this to my typical daytimer calendar, to which I have received plenty of sweet compliments about as I take it everywhere {even thought it ends up being a bit bulky}. I use it to keep phone numbers, to write sermon notes, to obviously keep commitments & appointments. Every year when I am finished with it, it gets added to the box of calendars that I have been keeping for the past 9 years. I love having a calendar to write in, I'm a bit of a book girl, so having a pen and paper on me at all times is a necessity - for some people it's not, but for me it is ::

:: So I found these super cute "momAgenda" and I fell in love...I love the look of them, but not so sure I love the design of the pages - it's not a steal of a deal like my last years Costco daytimer..but it's seriously SO cute! ::

:: Here comes the first part of the dilemma -- I keep track of all of our families events, appointments and details not only in my daytimer but also in my outlook calendar. I love outlook calendar, I can input the details of the event/function and then email it to Mr. L so he knows what is happening in our lives {HA!}. He then receives it to his Blackberry and it updates his calendar immediately, so we are on the same page - to a degree {HA, again!} ::

:: I have a flip phone, not only a flip phone but my girlfriend Trisha's old flip phone {her hubby is our local phone dealer}! When she got her Blackberry -- I got her old phone! So obviously I don't have email or calendar capabilities on my flip phone, so I've asked for a Blackberry for my birthday {coming up in November} so I can receive my emails on my phone as well as keep track of our lives on my calendar. But I'm afraid {after years} of having a "real" daytimer that I'm going to miss having my paper copy in my purse...I obviously know it's so much easier than copying things down in two places, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to be done with the daytimer. Thoughts, opinions??? ::

:: Currently the below momAgenda is on sale for 40% off - so it's just $24.00 -- I probably wouldn't get the pink one, I'm just not THAT cool! ::

:: Okay, now on to the next dilemma: Blackberry or IPhone, our carrier is coming out with the IPone in the next month or so, and I'm torn between which one I should get? ::
:: I know the blackberry will be "free" as my contract is finished, so I'll be starting a new contract -- so the IPhone will cost more, but it may be worth it as it's the latest thing {however only for the next three months!}. So any thoughts on the phone dilemma? I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are! ::

:: I better get to doing something productive around here, I've got a cake to design, floors to clean {more on this later} and babes to tend to! Happy Hump Day - oy, does it ever feel like it?!?! ::


:: Kids Clothes = Provision ::

:: Okay, so obviously this isn't "Sunday Provision" -- I'm a few days behind on the "Sunday" part...and this is why I was so delayed on my response from my bloggy birthday contest. My Saturday was a complete write-off! ::

:: So my girlfriend Lisa & I headed out early Saturday morning to our local kids swap -- We were there for door opening and had to pay an extra $4 over the regular door charge {we got in an hour early}. And boy was it so worth it! Both of us had lists of "needs" and individually we each prayed about our lists and asked God to meet our needs {now this isn't the first time, nor the last that I'm sure we will do this and find that God has met our needs}. So we discussed what we each needed to find and went on our merry mission ::

:: We encountered many other friends and they were amazed out our piles of clothes/shoes that we were gathering. We were just as amazed! ::
:: I arrived at the swap meet with $59 dollars in my pocket and a zip lock bag full of dimes, nickels and pennies. I spent $5 on the entrance fee, so I'm left with $54 in my pocket {and my cents}. I owed Lisa some money roughly $9 and so when she was out of money she borrowed some of mine, I knew I still had a $10 bill in my wallet, plus my lovely {humbling} bag of cents. So I offered my cash to her, and I gladly paid back my debt ::
:: The morning continued on and we both continued to find the specific things we had asked for, and we were finding them for GREAT deals in AMAZING shape! We felt so blessed. When I went back in my wallet to buy probably my last purchase for $7 - I found a $20 bill instead of a $10 bill. Now, I know I had pulled out 2 $20 bills, and I had the $4 change in my pocket, so where the heck did that extra $20 come from. Now lovelies - it is a rare thing for me to have cash let alone an extra $20 bill! ::
:: However, I welcomed it and continued to be blessed over and above. I know that I was shopping with Lisa, but I also felt like God was right there with us guiding our paths and saving exactly what we needed until we got to it! What provision I felt! ::
:: So all in all for $54 {or less} dollars this is what I went home with ::
1 pair of snow boots for Jacob
1 pair of rubber boots for Jacob
1 pair of slip on OldNavy shoes for Jacob {never been worn}
1 pair of BusterBrown boots for Cole
4 pairs of pants for Jacob {OldNavy & Gap}
4 pairs of pants for Cole {OldNavy & Gap}
2 dress shirts for Jacob
2 sweaters for Jacob
1 long sleeved tee for Jacob
1 pair of P.J.'s for Cole
2 pairs of P.J.'s for Jacob
1 pair of HotPaws mittens for Jacob
1 pair of winter wool socks for Jacob

Almost all of these items are from stores that I usually can't afford {or don't want to afford} to shop in so I make due at the cheaper stores, but when I can get all of this in incredible shape for such a small amount of money, how can I go wrong & how can I not acknowledge that God is showing His faithfulness through this small tangible act?!!? ::

:: So blessed, I am, so blessed! ::

:: I'd love to hear from you any provision stories you have as of late, it's such an encouragement to me! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Y'all -- We're off to pre-school and running errands for Women's Wednesday Christmas event! ::


:: The WINNER! ::

:: Well, y'all are pretty good guessers, I celebrated my 3 year blog birthday last weekend! I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started this crazy thing! It's so much fun and like I've said to so many - it's free therapy, really it is! ::

:: I wanted to give you, my loyal lovelies a chance to win a fabulous gift, just for the heck of it! So I received 17 entries, yes, only 17 --- I had aprox. 113 people visit the blog on Thursday then 134 visit on Friday and still I only had 17 enter! ::

:: So I ask, why come visit and leave no comment...no strings attached, nothing to loose, so why no comment? I have crazy amounts of traffic on this blog, friends, some close - some not so close and some that I don't even know {like my loyal reader from North Vancouver - I'd love to know who you are!}, that read my blog, and yet don't comment. I don't quite understand that, of course I understand wanting to snoop into some one's life and find out what they do & how they do it, heck that's why I like reading blogs, however if I find something that I love I give the courtesy of leaving a comment, so why no comment? If any of you could enlighten me, I would love to hear your opinion...you can email me directly by clicking my "email me" tab on my side bar or just leave a comment :) ::

:: Enough of that, on to the fun stuff! I was up to my eyeballs in shopping/cleaning/sorting clothes Saturday, so I delayed pulling a name until Sunday night. And here is how it went:

:: No, no, no -- that's not Sardh..that's just my poor penmanship! It's SARAH, Sarah darling, you won the $75 gift certificate to BeautiControl!!! I'm SO excited for you! I'll mail you the catalogue and you can get shopping! Congratulations & Happy shopping! ::

:: Have a beautiful Monday and I'll be back here for more about my shopping extravaganza and a post about provision on Tuesday morning - until then lovelies, thanks for celebrating with me! ::

:: XO, *S ::


:: Pioneer Woman - In the flesh ::

:: Hey Y'all, I know, I know...I'm way behind on my "birthday" contest from earlier this weekend, but that's for good reason, kinda. More on that later! ::
:: Right now, I wanted to tell you that if you follow Ree aka: The Pioneer Woman - as I do, you'll be interested to know that she'll be on the Bonny Hunt show tomorrow ::

:: She's blogged about it here - but I'm sure we'll get more juicy details tomorrow as the show airs. So if your tomorrow is expected to be rainy, like mine is, you may just want to tune into the Bonny Hunt show. This is actually a show that I quite enjoy watching, she's decent. Not over the moon good, but I LOVE her guests, ah, hello, REE is going to be on her show! And she has GREAT topics. Clean, concise and to the point {so not me!} ::

:: Happy watching and tune in tomorrow morning to find out who won the contest...I know who you are and you're going to be very happy! ::

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