~ Christmas Decor ~

~ Welcome to our Home ~

~ Here are some of our decorations we put up for Christmas....I know ya'll are nosey like me and want to see where we will be enjoying our Christmas festivities, and if you're not nosey, tough luck...here's portions of our house anyway ;) ~

~ Family Room ~

~ View from our family room to our kitchen ~

~ Dining room centerpiece (it's actually the wreath I had on our front door - I've since upgraded) ~

~ View from our dining room towards our living room and front entrance ~

~ Starbucks Ginger-Shak ~

~ View from entrance into living room ~

~ View from living room into entrance ~

~ Thank you for visiting our quaint Casa ~

:: Celebrations with Michael & Coby ::

:: We had a fabulous time with Michael & Coby the other night enjoying great conversation, food and laughs in front of the Christmas tree...thanks for a fabby night guys, glad we get to do it all over again in another week (here's to planning Coby!) :: :: Family time after Jacob was sleeping ::
:: Delish dinner - us girls were happy we just didn't have to prepare anything :::: Our big boys getting ready to take a tour of Michael's new backyard (we hadn't seen it since they finished the landscaping)...Michael has an affinity to rocks just like Paul ::
:: Cole enjoying a nap on the couch ::
:: Prior to Kylee and Jacob going to sleep they had a blast cuddling and kissing on the family room floor - it was hilarious! ::
:: Sweet little Kylee ::
:: Yum Yum ::
:: our wonderful friends M&C ::
:: Merry Christmas M&C - Can't wait till the 29th! ::
:: Ps. You'll have to let us know how the MC gig went!?!?!? ::


:: Paul would kill me...::

If he knew I was up blogging, however the house is quiet and I had a rest this afternoon, so I thought I would sit and blog into cyberspace...but I should be in bed as my littlest one will be up sooner than later to feed and I can't pass that responsibility over to Paul (too bad eh?) So I will end this blogging fest to go to bed...hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a some photo's of the last couple days of Christmas celebrations. So fun!

:: I'm 1 Month Old ::

:: I'm 1 whole month and my Mama says that I's bigger than my brother was when he was a month cause this sleeper I'm wearin' is too small for me and she put me through lotsa pain trying to stretch it over my shoulders for these pictures....apparently Mama's are used to pain when they put clothes on but I'm a boy and I don't ever wanna experience that again! ::

(I'm a professional cheek grower, just in case you hadn't noticed!)

:: My Love My Love My Love ::

:: My Love runs deep, never ending, always enduring for these three guys...it gives me a lump in my throat just thinkin' bout how much they mean to me. I truly want to be a better everything when I think of them, a better cook, better housekeeper, better story-teller, better kiss-giver, better hugger, better cheerleader all in all I guess I want to be the best Wife & Mama that God intended me to be ::

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