:: Bath & Body Works Coupon ::

:: Okay, I know we don't have Bath & Body Works in Canada, but if you live close to the border, you're probably not far from one ::

:: I came across this coupon {that ends on Jan. 25} where you can get a free product with a value of $12 ::

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:: GOOD NEWS! ::

:: For those of you who go directly to Kelly's blog I'm sure you have seen the latest update. But as of last night, Kelly & Scott were delighted with the news that the pneumonia looks like it is getting better and that she won't need to go on the machine. They have a long road ahead of them but things are definitely looking up, so Praise the LORD! ::

:: The Bachelor - Week 3 ::

:: Oh what a show, what a show! ::

:: So the show starts with Sweet 'ol Southern Belle, Stephanie going on a one on one date with the main squeeze. It started out to be a great date, but turned fabulous when they exposed that they had flown her daughter in so they could have a date with Stephanie's daughter on her fourth birthday, it was really sweet and he teared up and all when he saw Stephanie's reaction to Sophia's arrival ::

:: Stephanie got a rose. It was sweet and lovely, but I don't think she's the one ::

:: Then the Bachelor takes a whole gaggle of gals to "get busted" to do a plaster cast to support breast cancer awareness. Melissa {one of my picks} was in that group, she didn't get much one on one time with him but at least she didn't have a horrible conversation with him like Nikki - ouch, that was just painful! ::

:: Jillian {my fave} had a bit of one on one time at the group date and she definitely knows how to mark a memory in a guys brain, they were having their private time on a bed and she dared him to see how high he could jump. He loves her ::

:: Oh, and his second one on one date of this episode was with Natalie, the only surviving blond. Well they went on a DREAM date starting off with 1 million dollars in jewels for Natalie to sport {too bad they couldn't have held her dress up, she was tugging at it all night!}. Then off to a Jet, and then right into a helicopter to look over the sights of Las Vegas...then on to a private dinner, with a private after dinner show with some slow dancing...he could tell she wanted a kiss, and he just didn't feel the spark.

:: He had asked Natalie earlier in the date what her interests were and she said "well of course fashion, sports, clothes, jewelery etc. etc. etc." - that didn't impress him, she could have just said oh you haven't seen my tattoo "high maintenance"? So at the end of the date no matter how attractive she was - cause she was pretty, he just wasn't into her. Poor guy, he told her that he didn't want to keep her and that this was harder for him. She didn't get it. She was mad and didn't understand that they didn't have commonalities. Poor girl, I felt bad for her, but she left a thought in Jason's mind about some of the girls that they were straight up mean. But in the end she was NOT for him and he had to make sure, so I think it was amazing that he took her out and wasted one of his one on one dates on her just to make sure that she wasn't the one! ::

:: At the end of the show for the rose ceremony, there was a lot of controversy over who is good or not for Jason. He asked a few of his trusted girls if there was anyone that was in the house for the wrong reasons or wasn't nice, well that just caused a ruckus and Shannon got sick in the washroom over the drama and crazy glares were being shot like riffles from a few certain girls ::

:: Nikki finally got a good kissin' on with Jason and it caught her off guard, but she's sweet, happy, content, a little anal retentive with her organization and planning but I think that that is a good thing and Jason knows it is, he just wants to see her with her guard down - but she did look amazing at the rose ceremony - oh my! ::

:: Okay, so here are the final girls in the house: Jillian, Stephanie, Molly Shannon, Naomi, Nikki, Melissa & Lauren ::

:: So my three are still well in the running! Next week I think Naomi and Lauren and maybe Shannon will go {she still has some crazy attachment to him that makes things super uncomfortable}::

:: We shall see if Deanna comes back next week, they didn't advertise it, but I think that she just might ::

:: Hope y'all enjoyed it! ::


:: Yesterday ::

:: Since my Fall was so hectic I didn't get a chance to plant bulbs that we received as an Anniversary gift from my parents ::

:: So yesterday I got the inclination to see if I could plant them. I googled my question and it was stated that yes I could plant my lovely bulbs. Yes! So what did I do yesterday afternoon on a balmy January day, I planted bulbs, a little later than usual. But hey, at least I planted them! ::

{Image courtesy of about.com}

:: Now let's see if they bloom! ::

:: Side note: I was really happy this morning when I saw icicles in the dirt, looks like I got them in the ground in the nick of time {ha ha ha} ::

:: Celebration ::

:: We attended my nieces 1st birthday bash over the weekend. It was full of pink fun! Here are the pictures of the sweet event ::

:: Victoria in all her glory! ::

:: She loves horses so it was a horse themed party ::
:: Here she is about to blow out the candle on her homemade horse cake ::

:: More horse details ::

:: Jennifer did a great job decorating for Victoria's special day ::
:: Here's Mommy, Daddy and a pro cake smasher already, Victoria ::
:: Happy Birthday sweet Girl, what a big year this will be for you! ::


:: Yet Another Update ::

* UPDATE from the Momma's Mouth *
:: See it here ::

:: You can see this PHOTO update here on Kelly's Dad's blog ::

:: They actually got to touch her this evening, which they weren't able to this morning, so that just shows that she is getting better, slowly but surely! ::

:: Praise the Lord! ::

:: Cake Smashing Pro Photos ::

:: So if you remember in this previous post I made a cake for a first birthday smash session. Here are a few of the pro pictures taken by Jillian of Lucy Lime Studios ::

:: The Cake ::

:: Here comes the baby! ::

:: Look at that sweet face eating that sweet chocolate cake, if you can believe it this was his first taste of chocolate! Do you think he liked it!?!?! ::

:: Thanks Jillian for recommending me, it was a pleasure to make the cake! ::

:: Another Update - Sunday 5.30 pm ::

:: Here is the latest on Harper's condition from one of Kelly's close friends ::

:: "I just talked to Laurie, who has been in Tulsa with Kelly and Scott. Things are better. The nurses gave them a good report. She said Harper's vitals and oxygen levels are the best they've been. Praise the LORD!!! Obviously she still has a long way to go and no one knows how long that road is but this is good news! Kelly and Scott feel very hopeful!!" ::

:: So that is amazing news! Thank you for continuing to pray! ::

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