:: Cake Smashing Pro Photos ::

:: So if you remember in this previous post I made a cake for a first birthday smash session. Here are a few of the pro pictures taken by Jillian of Lucy Lime Studios ::

:: The Cake ::

:: Here comes the baby! ::

:: Look at that sweet face eating that sweet chocolate cake, if you can believe it this was his first taste of chocolate! Do you think he liked it!?!?! ::

:: Thanks Jillian for recommending me, it was a pleasure to make the cake! ::


The Samy's said...

Looks fab!
Hey, do you happen to have a great buttercream frosting recipe?
I have not been happy with the ones that I have been using, and I am sure you know how hard it is to find one.

Meg Baxter said...

Ok, you seriously need to pursue a career in set design or food styling. Your eye for design and proportion is impeccable!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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В ремонтной мастерской:
- У меня пылесос чего-то хреново работает. . .
- Чего, сосет плохо?
- Сосет-то нормально - пылесосит плохо!

Я 9 часов блуждала по сети, пока не вышела на ваш форум! Думаю, я здесь останусь надолго!
прошу прощения за опечатки.... очень маленькая клавиатура у PDA!


Anonymous said...

Мне вот кажется, что такое написать мог то ли креативный гений, то ли героиновый наркоман :(

Anonymous said...

У нас в Дагестане за такие слова могут и камням изакидать :(

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