: Really!?! :

Is it really September 1st!!! Where did that Summer go? Oh well, doesn't matter cause we're heading into schedule, sweaters+boots, warm starbucks drinks all the while enjoying wearing sunglasses! I {just in case you're new to my blog} LOVE Autumn, Fall, September....It has always felt like a new start, a new year, a new season {maybe that's because it is-HA!}.Here are a few photos I found on Pinterest that remind me of everything I love about Fall! Let's raise a warm cup'0starbucks to a new month, a new season, a new schedule and full of God's blessing! I'm off to do more work today, but that's okay -- it's not super hot around here today and apparently, I'm just fine with that ;) Have a happy Friday lovelies & thanks for stopping by! {XoXo}


: Date Night :

As I mentioned before, Mr. L's got the beetle running so one night last week we went out for a bite of dinner and a cruise to the beach.
What a beautiful sunset and place we get to live!

Mr. L and I taking a self portrait in the little beetle
To end the night we enjoyed a hot starbucks, it already felt like fall when we got out to the beetle! Ahhh, it's all about the little things!

I'm off to do work for CC and get some more things organized for school, it's all happening so fast! Exciting times, exciting times!



: Noon Edition * What I LOVE Wednesday :

Here is my list for this week, not very exciting but it's true and that's what matters ;)

I wasn't sure if I could get into "Pinterest" but oh, oh, oh, I love it for my place to go for decor and fashion items as well as diy projects! So fun to have a place to put all the photos of the stuff I love! {Click one logo to go to my Pinterest or search Shawnalad}
Have you seen "Million Dollar Decorators" -- I love that show! Love the decor, the french maid and Mary....seriously different world to what I live in but that's what makes it SO fun!

Can't wait for the new year and to enjoy my Erin Condren planner...I love that my phone can hold important dates and has a calendar, but I just can't do without a paper one copy of life ;) As the kids get older there are more things to keep track of and my mind just doesn't work right if I don't write things down!
Looking forward to enjoying a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie coming out in September. Looks to be a good laugh and I really enjoy SJP when she's in a movie, not so much in real life but I always love the way she is styled in movies; classically chic. Plus Peirce Brosnan is one of my favorite actors and he's in it too ;)

Hope you have things that you love too and are able to enjoy them today!

Hop over to my Seesters blog and leave her a comment, she's looking mighty fine being a Mommaof2!

Happy Wednesday!

: Beach Days :

We've had some pretty great beach days this summer! Even thought we've had really very few hot Summer like days, we've taken full advantage of them when they were here {today it's rainy here}
My boys all out on a sand bar making a sand castle
My littlest boys warming up from being out in the cold sea
Cole & I enjoying our picnic lunch
Jacob taking some rest from the sun - ha ha!

Hoping to have at least one more beach day before school starts, but if this weather pattern continues then it probably won't happen! Oh well, at least it's almost Fall and my most favorite time of the year!

Have a beautiful day Lovelies, and if the sun shows up, get out in it!!!



: Phew! :

We had a crazy busy weekend! After we got back from camping, we had a day or so to recover {aka: get organized} for the full weekend ahead!

Saturday started off with the boys being picked up to spend the day in Vancouver with my SIL & In-Laws at the PNE...Thanks again Mum & Dad & Jenn for taking them!

Then we got ready and headed off to see my second Cousin marry his bride

It was an outside garden wedding, which was stunning but unbelievably hot!!!
Beautiful ceremony done by my Uncle Roger {My Dad's older brother} and my Cousin, who is the grooms Grandpa and Uncle, so you can imagine the personal touches that made the ceremony so beautiful!

The lovely couple
Here we are, it was near the end of the night, we were just about to leave...hence the crazy faces! HA!!! No need for any explanation, really! {thanks to my brother Jordan for taking these stellar photos!}

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to head off to church, which was awesome! We're really blessed to go to an unbelievable church and serve such and amazing God.

Right after church we headed to Starbucks for a quick drink and a treat for the boys then on to the VW show that was just minutes from our church...it was a beautiful day but again super hot!

Paul and I have been together for 12 years and missed the VW show one time in those 12 years, so going back in our Beetle for the first time and with our boys made the day SO memorable and special for us both!
Once we were finished up at the VW show we headed to the water park to cool off then home to rest the boys and then freshen up and head out to our friends place down by the beach. What a great night we had there, great food, fellowship, and friends. And more sunshine to boot!
We had a fabulously full weekend, and I think I may still be recovering as of this morning {Tuesday!}!!!

I may be back later on to do my Tuesday post as my computer took the whole day to download my 400+ photos from my camera yesterday, hence the reason this post wasn't up yesterday!

Hope you all had a great weekend too and that the last week prior to school is filled with all things lovely and that you're not being driven nuts from the lack of schedule ;)

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