:: September is HERE! ::

:: Well it's finally here; September! ::

:: I was thinking it this morning and I think that if I had a favorite month it would be September, I love the crispness in the air, the sun that is out most days, the low fog that creeps through the neighborhood, the dew that falls on the lush green plants, the smell of vanilla candles as I have a tendency to light more candles once September arrives. Let alone the fabulous occasion of celebrating our wedding anniversary, September makes for just a very wonderful month in my books! ::

:: We have pulled almost all of our flowers out of the flowerbeds and cleaned up the edges ready for most of the plants to go dormant for the Fall and Winter. I love the end result: clean and tidy - It does my heart good (I know I should be on some kind of medication!) ::

:: I love the shadows that the sun casts across the yard through the trees, for some reason the sun in September is more romantic and somewhat more refreshing than it is during the summer. It must be the crisp air that makes it so, no matter what does it...I love it ::

:: I have started putting away summer clothes, to pull out the jeans and turtle necks, not that they are necessity yet..but oh I love them so ::

:: For some reason September feels more like the start of a new year than January does. It just seems that everything gets re-set after the summer, schedules return to normal, the sun fades away earlier and life seems much more settled. It isn't more settled, it just seems that way. Isn't it funny how the seasons can make you feel a certain way? ::

:: I'm sure that is the way God intended it to be. Hope you are enjoying this month as much as
I am ::


:: Kekuli Bay ::

:: So we took it upon ourselves to plan a camping {yep, you heard right, camping...tents and all} with our two kids and our friends M&L and their two little girls ::

:: So off we go @ 6:00 am Thursday morning to hit Starbucks just to meet up outside of Abbotsford @ Tims for breaky and off we go on the great adventure! ::

:: We left rain and came upon lovely blue sky just before the tolls ::
:: And more blue just after the tolls, isn't it a beautiful thing!??! ::
:: Here are M&L trailing behind us ::

:: Then we hit the lakes, look at that water! ::

:: We landed at the campsite around 11:00 am and started setting up camp, all the kids were so patient while we set up the tents and unloaded for an hour or so ::

:: After we finished @ the campsite we were off to the park to fly the kit and play on the Playground ::

:: Here's Madelyne helping Uncle Paul ::
:: Here's Emma waiting for the kite to fly ::
:: There goes Jacob down to the railroad tracks, he is a lover of trains right now ::
:: Madelyne decided to join him ::

:: We headed down to the water to give our feet a rinse - it was beautiful water, so clear and clean...just my kind! ::
:: The babes loved playing with the rocks and splashing in and out of the water ::
:: What a beautiful view huh!?!!? ::
:: All of us got a lot of use out of the Playground ::

:: We had some clouds, some rain & some sun, but it was all worth the beautiful rainbows that appeared ::

:: More playing @ the Playground ::
:: I even got in on the slide action {& yes, I let Paul play around with my camera - just kidding;) }::

:: We hiked up to the look out and I caught this shot of the "B" Girls ::

:: A shot of the railroad tracks ::
:: Jacob goofing off by the water ::

:: See Cole's two little teeth buds on the bottom...they still have yet to break the skin! ::
:: Jacob & Paul enjoying the campfire ::
:: Jacob's first taste of S'mores ::
:: Jacob & I toasting a marshmallow ::

:: Madelyne climbing the fence at the back of our campsite ::
:: Madelyne getting some love from Jacob. Sometimes it looks like hugs other times it looks like a tackle...we never really know! ::
:: Cole in his trusty playpen. Thank the Lord for Playpens! ::
:: Cole playing in the pool Paul made for the kids - pretty much he just tried to eat the rocks ::

:: All the kids got baths in the lake, as did we but this is the only shot I got of Cole just after he was bathed. It wasn't a pretty site! ::
:: The hot stuff I was camping with...sans Matt, I don't know where he was at when this delish shot was taken ::
:: Paul & Freckles...um, I mean Me ::
:: Our site, look at that view! ::

:: Coley & Paul playing in the food tent ::
:: Matt & Emma enjoying some nacho chips after dinner - look at those baby blues! ::
:: Paul & I at our last campfire ::
:: Cole & Paul on our last day @ the lake ::

:: Jacob fast asleep on my lap @ the lake on the last day ::
:: Until next year we wave good by to the lake, the sun, the railroad tracks, and the great memories ::

:: I can't say that it was all rosy, we had our fair share of drama, it's tough to camp in tents with 4 kids under 4, especially when the weather doesn't always cooperate and I thought I read on the Kekuli Bay website that there was running water & electricity to each site. There wasn't. But all in all it was a wonderful vacation with great memories for us and our kids - Thanks M&L, if your up to it we'll see you up there next year! ::


:: I've Returned ::

:: We went away for one last escape from the norm ::

:: Now I'm back at it, laundry, folding, washing, organizing...it seems like Summer passed in a flash and now here we are almost two weeks away from Fall. It feels good. I like the the Fall, I like the organization of all of the events Fall brings. It is a little crazy, yet so am I. So it makes for a perfect combo ::

:: Be back later with more pictures from our Camping Adventure ::

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